# # UI bug?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by smushability, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. smushability

    Every text in the game has this ' # # UI' before it.
    this means:
    In the character selection screen I cannot see any of the information for server.
    Somehow i cannot delete my character? (Different bug maybe?)

    my PC can easily run this game and im on windows 8.
  2. Freyar

    Go to the PS2 launcher, set your language to English, then set it back to the language you want. That should sort the problem.
  3. smushability

    wow. i love you!
  4. iam.jon

    I know i should not get attached as its only a momentary feeling, but i love you for this fix, love you lots.;
  5. priwogic

    this bug is joke, I just installed for first time and had this, it defaults to English so if it was not for your post wouldn't of had clue what to do.

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