[UG] Recruiting PlanetSide 2 Division Managers

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by StormHD, May 14, 2014.

  1. StormHD


    Undivided Gamers is a multi-gaming Clan, starting from scratch. We are looking for Division managers to run the gaming section for Planetside.
    Our Community already plays numerous games and we would like Planetside to be one of them.

    What we want from you is activity and commitment, you will be managing a section of the clan and it can be a stressful job that may take up a lot of time.
    In return we offer you a friendly community, game servers, a teamspeak server and any kind of help you need to improve your Division

    Add us
    Steam: mrstormmth
    Skype: jonnytheprogamer (Only if you cant contact me on the other two)
  2. StormHD

    Still recruiting.
  3. Shalalala

    Hey there! I'd totally be up for doing this! I've sent you a Steam friend request. Name's Cifer on Steam. I know two others that are playing with me and we would love to help set up an outfit with your community. We won't be very active the next two weeks though because of exams but we will come on every now and then. After that We'll be online regularly.

    Just a small side question: how many of you are playing already? If yes, which faction?

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