UCA/NC Joint Operation.

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    Like AceRimmer aka KILLFACE has said, the UCA has been totally inactive the past few weeks (months?). I'd like to rekindle some interest by having a joint operation with all member Outfits and with any other Outfits that may be interested in participating. There is a specific way however, that I would like it run, and I strongly encourage NC Outfit leaders to give it one try in practice before saying things against it. I will elaborate to specific leaders who express interest in participating.

    I'm looking to try and organize it for this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at whatever time works for the most Outfits. If you're interested, feel free to post below and I'll add you to the list.

    - CTRD
    - TUBB
  2. kaptinkrunch88

    Hey George, Let me know the time and I'll see if it works for my troops. We are certainly interested. Our numbers have been growing lately and putting a full TUBB squad together durring peak hours has been a regular occurance lately. The Chihuahuas are rolling DEEP!
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  3. Scufmark

    Aye we've been trying to get something like this going too, perhaps we should coordinate our efforts? Give our dear leader a bell on the UCA TS3 sometime (or our one ts3.thebastards-clan.com), he usually leaves his computer on and has it set to open on startup, so if he doesn't respond he's probably not there so try again later. started already actually, got combined ops with a few crews lined up for this weekend and we were gonna introduce only a couple at a time and cut those who didn't turn up or cooperate to make sure there's no baggage. Our theory was to combine the larger less disciplined clans with the small coordinated ones and get like 2-3 squads holding the line and 1 or 2 squads punching holes in a coordinated manner and using platoon chat to coordinate between crews, perhaps using either command chat or the UCA TS3 (since ya can't have more than one TS3 tab active at once it'd probably be more efficient to have a rep in the same squad from each crew who uses TS3 relay stuff for their Squad or Platoon Leader, having a radio man prolly ain't a bad idea in general, not sure about you guys but our leadership whisper lists can drown a lot of stuff out at times) it should work pretty well in theory, but we won't know until we try it eh because even communism works in theory.

    Another problem is what if we have a few more guys than will fit in a Platoon? Maybe have the large platoon holding the line and an extra squad attached to that using smoke and fowl language to coordinate between em and run the hottest lanes? Another thing that needs to be worked out is continental level command, do we keep it how it is and just cooperate like tree hugging hippies or do we get the elite leaders from participating clans to chuck their name in a hat for continental command and find like some random number generator to do the picking or something? After we get the NC end back on track we were also considering approaching the TTA and HVC (Ace nominated himself to lead that vanu alliance at one of their monthly meetings, unfortunately they noticed he was NC) and any other alliances we could find and saying 'yo lets pick a day and time to have sesh's and every week we pick a continent to duke it out on' which could make for not just more cooperation, but coordinated opposition, which in our book always ends up being fun.

    And btw we are willing to kick basic training off again for UCA clans if anyones keen? We suspended it temporarily because it was a pain in the *** getting the numbers required to run it even though we were taking hours outta our week doing it for their sake at no personal gain, it was especially having to spend half an hour plus chasing people up to do something for their sake. Despite having dozens of hours put into drawing it up it's likely going to be overhauled soon from the ground up due to our new (clan only) advanced infantry training course we're working on and we've change a helluva lot about how we operate since making this course but its still a great course for people to run through to make em better team players. Here's a (link) to an unlisted video if ya wanna check it out, gotta reupload it with the clan title sequence before we make it listed (been busy). If our new system is different enough we may even decide to release the notes for this to other UCA crews so they can run their own ones or adapt it to their own SOP's or whatever, though I wouldn't hold your breath on that, its hard to let go of something that ya polished until ya knuckles bleed =P.

    Oh and uhh Ace said its nice to know his drunken ramblings and poo flinging hasn't fallen on deaf ears. That is hypothetically of course, I'm not relaying things for someone with a mild case of the perma ban because they couldn't keep outta trouble (to be fair that is part of his charm and it is his job as leader of the bastards to be a ***** (and he's good at his job), so much so this is our official clan anthem, oh and uhh, I am not writing this with a gun to my groin). >_> <_<

    To be honest, we're not that fussed, as long as what we do works and we get coordination going again.
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    That's quite the post:D

    Anyways, while I see the merit in der Fuhrer's ideas, I think it'd be better to prove that the UCA can function before attempting anything more cooperation intensive. My plan starts out simple, and is really just to prove that this is something that we can and should do on a regular basis.

    Should I add the Bastards?
  5. Killuminati C

    I passed this along to the ADK higher ups. Hopefully they'll contact you when they get the message.
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  6. Brasidas

    We have a combined ops with a few other outfits going on Saturday from 7pm but that doesn't clash with this, so we will run our combined platoon and can work with other UCA platoons to achieve objectives (if Saturday works for everyone).
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