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  1. Trudeus


    The Bastards [RNGA]

    The 75th Bastards Regiment is a ruthlessly professional unit of Mechanized Infantry with a focus on aggressive, highly coordinated Shock Trooper tactics, we aim to be able to go to the most dangerous spots on a battlefield and not just halting the enemy where they advance but driving them back inch by inch and make their best efforts seem like pissing in the wind and then mere moments later go to where the enemy is at their weakest and launch an unstoppable spearhead. We have extremely talented and experienced Officers operating tirelessly developed and polished Standard Operating Procedures, we know when and where to make sneaky moves that act as force multipliers and we know when and where we simply gotta go pound for pound.

    The Regiment is part of a professional gaming community called 'The Bastards' that operates on a Chapter system that sees every game we commit to we will not compromise on quality and every Chapter is nearly a mini clan within a clan, at the moment our main 2 focus's are Planetside 2 and Star Citizen, both of which we aim to be the best in, and we are currently scouting other avenues to pursue. This ensures that we have the same level of polish and dedication as any Small Clan out there, while retaining the perks of a larger more active extended network of the everyday gaming community.

    We have dedicated Forums, Teamspeak Server and other facilities behind closed doors at the following url :

    New Conglomerate Strategy and Tactics Bureau [CSTB]

    CSTB was established for a single purpose: the betterment of the NC through small-scale strategic operations. Rather than focus on XP and certs or head in to the zerg fights, we take the jobs that need to be done, whether that be defending a strategic-but-empty base, heading into the fight with guns blazing, countering ghost-capping and back-capping operations, perform back-capping operations, and supporting a friendly zerg. We almost always coordinate with NC Command, specifically during Alerts, but during off time as well, and boast some of the best strategists on the faction.

    Our bottom line is “tactics over numbers”; to achieve this, we rely on squad tactics and spec ops maneuvers rather than throwing bodies at a target. Some tactics in our playbook include forming an air brigade for air-to-air and air-to-ground support, securing the top gun platform of a Tech Plant, smoking out a Biolab, organized and effective MAX crashes, and so on. While we are a dedicated group and do take gameplay seriously, we have our fair share of jokes and goofing off. The Bureau brings victory for the NC through teamwork and coordination; taking us on is the enemies first mistake to be made, and tends to be their last.

    For more information, recruitment info, and requirements, please check out:

    Ascension Company [ACNS]

    I’m Ron Burgundy?

    Your Outfit! [TAG?]

    As stated on the poster, we are looking for a fourth outfit for our joint ops. We don’t want a zerg outfit of any kind; zergs are easy to find and work with if we wanted that. We’re looking for the small-scale groups who use tactics, not bodies, to meet objectives. At the moment tactics and strategies are being developed for the Joint Ops, along with operational procedures. Preferably this group is more vehicle-focused, since our three current outfits all specialize in infantry combat. Current thoughts are three infantry squads and one armor squad. That said, if you don’t use tanks regularly but are still interested in joining, simply reply to the thread with names and/or contact information, or contact us directly on one of our websites.
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  2. 5ou1

    Well said....well said
  3. 5ou1

    Oh and if you guys need a good place to post music videos then please feel free to stop by the Drunk thread at www.acns.enjin.com :D
  4. corruptmagician

    Last time we had a proper op we made 3 separate Vanu Platoons rage quit off Amerish
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  5. 5ou1

    And we'll be back in full swing tomorrow night at 7pm pacific with Sikhaze running it. Anyone interested, please don't hesitate to hit us up and join in on the cosmic cack slingin'.
  6. NoXousX

    I was part of the 1st ID irl in Ft Riley Kansas.
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  7. 5ou1

    Appreciate your service, Bro
  8. 5ou1

    It's going down, tonight... *celly cel voice*
  9. 5ou1

    Fantastic OP, guys...Thanks to CSTB, RNGA and all of the enemy who put up damn good fights across Esamir.
  10. Jal Calan

    2 and a half times our number of TR rolled over a ridge... We beat them... Talking 30+ Tanks, 10-15+ Air Vehicles, a ridiculous amount of amount of Infantry, and they just couldn't budge us... Damnit I love fighting with these guys.

    Over 100 TR came at the 40 of us after we'd dug in at Snowshear Watchtower. They hit us with wave after wave after wave of armor, air and infantry. But after a half an hour, the TR had spent everything they had, and were sent packing back to their warpgate with their tails between their legs. In the next half hour, we managed to divide and conquer half of the Esamir map and claim an unquestionable victory over both TR and Vanu.

    We were there, and we kicked their *****! Let's do it again!
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  11. 5ou1

    Yeah, that was one hell of a fight. Glad to have you guys out there.

    Any other outfits interested, please don't hesitate to hit us up.
  12. Homeboy55

    ADK has done some ops with CSTB in the past and we would love to organize more together :)

    More after New Years because we have a lot of events planned already and there is not going to be as many people online. It would be amazing to coordinate to an even bigger scale in the near future!

    [ADK] Homeboy
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  13. boldeagle3

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  14. 5ou1

    Don't see a reason why we can't all bring in the New Year with a bang :D
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  15. 5ou1

  16. JohnnyRadman

    As a leader of a very small outfit, at one point or another I have had the pleasure of working with almost all of these fine gentlemen. The Bastards I'm very close with since they've helped with my outfit considerably. I really don't think I can repay their Glorious Leader enough for his contributions.

    I've worked with the CSTB before. Trudeus, their leader, is definitely a bro. They always seemed ready to be where they needed to be and do what needed doing. I would gladly work alongside them any day.

    Unfortunately, I can't claim to have had the privilege of working with Acension Company, though I've heard nothing but good things about them, and the members I've played with in various squads have always been excellent.

    Anyone looking for a good group of guys to run with, who are a well organized, well oiled... muscular... attractive... charming (in a way)... er, looking for a well oiled fighting machine that feeds on the blood, screams, and tears of it's fallen enemies, look no further! You have found that group here.
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  17. 5ou1

    You guys are always welcome to come break some hearts with ACNS, Johnny. I like the cut of your jib, Good Sir :D
  18. Trudeus

    I'm a bro?! *cries a bit, then slaps a baby* That's our job man, taking the hard and needed jobs. Homeboy, I'll get in contact with you and give you the jist of what we're thinking of.

    Again, any smaller outfits want in on this epic joint ops action, feel free to step up and post, contact us in-game, or hit us up on one of our websites. Friend requests are received even if a person is offline at the time, so friending us to contact us is fair game as well.
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  19. 5ou1

    We're back up in it tomorrow. UCA Super Holidays Fun Times...Ok probably not too "super" but we will be having a good night of races, flash horse and of course shooting people in their mouth holes :D
  20. 5ou1

    Another successful op night. Thanks to CSTB and RNGA. Would also like to thank that effin huge contingent of VS on Esamir. Haha I Haven't seen that many people in a long long time..