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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Johannes Kaiser, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Johannes Kaiser

    We are the multigaming online comunity Strikeforce Ultra. As of the Escalation Update we have chosen to officially become active on Auraxis once more. We are a Warhammer 40.000-themed community, originally founded for Eternal Crusade when it was still in production, and we are constantly looking for new brothers to join in our fight, in this case for the NC.
    If you are interested, check out our website first: https://strikeforceultra.enjin.com/ If you want a quick orientation, I recommend browsing our Codex (you can reach it from the homepage vie the "Codex Ultima" button) to learn the basics.
    See you on the battlefield!
    Captain Lucius Vinicius,
    3rd Battle Company
  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Update (it's not that new, just forgot to post it here):
    1) Anyone who does not want to join us over the website can apply in game only and fight with us, Discord link is always in our MotD, out main ops times as well.
    2) Any other community that wants to interact (for obvious reasons other Miller NC outfits are highly appreciated) can join our Discord as Envoys for coordination.
    3) We are part of a small alliance of outfits that practices joint ops on a semi-regular basis.

    For those who want to know what we do: Since we are few, we usually jump where we are needed and do what needs to be done there. We are and always will be quality over quantity (and the spot our members hold in leaderboards almost every time we are in combat proves it). But that absolutely does not mean we are not taking newer or returning palyers. We are people with real lives as well as other games, and our quality comes from teamwork and applying brains to problems, not only skill at shooting things. And we are more than willing to help others learn the ropes.