Type In The Top 3 Hardest Outfits You Faced ;)

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by GearsOfWaR, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. GearsOfWaR

    Heya guys ,
    This post for fun only . ;)
    everyone type in the top 3 hardest outfits you faced in VS , NC and TR side .
    so if your main char in TR then you choose 3 toughest outfits you had to face in NC and VS side .
  2. Shalalala

    • INI Elite
    • BRTD
    • Dignity of War
    I try to avoid those people as much as possible. Would have added Vanus Revenge and Freelancers Union to the list too though. All five of them are on my nope-list.
  3. dnaRIP

  4. Dictatorfish

    Have the mods finally relaxed their ridiculous rules? I remember around the start of last year we used these forums for Miller-specific community chat freely when suddenly the banhammer came down upon us like Mjolnir from the heavens and we were commanded to use these boards only for outfit recruitment purposes only lest we incur their wrath. We were really bitter about that, but mods will be mods. (Rumour was that even Higby can't stand the mods.) I haven't been around for a year, so have things changed since?
  5. vanu123

    Main Character is VS connery
    My hardest outfits would be for TR: Dread Legion, TXR, and MERC. For NC there really are only 3 decent ones IMO so: outfit X, 00, and v0c.
  6. Bvenged

    When matched squad for squad, with no rapid population swings that the game seems prone to these days, currently I'd say the toughest outfits to fight are...

    For TR:
    - RO (Not seeing them much on the ground any more?)
    - INI (Unfortunately, not as tough as they used to be)
    - FU (Small base skirmishes)

    For VS:
    - DIGT (mostly air only, but ground is the most competent VS has),
    - IVRI (for always having a HE Mag Rider just out of reach on our infantry squads),
    - ... The zerg leaders who always group together with 100+ people and zerg down smaller lanes?

    Honourable mentions to any outfit in a faction alliance, and who works with other outfits regularly.
  7. Silvermyst

    I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be under outfit recruiting. Personally I'd have put it in either the general Planetside 2 gameplay discussion or over in off topic discussion.
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  8. Shalalala

    In my opinion it's not wrong to have this under outfit recruiting; it gives players some suggestions about which outfits they should take a look at and apply to. We're kind of promoting each other and so it's to an extent about outfit recruitment or at least outfit application suggestions. And it doesn't fall under the off-topic section, since this discussion is about Planetside 2, but I would agree that it'd be better to have this under the Planetside2 Gameplay Discussion section.

    Oh and, since we not supposed to digress from the set topic, I would like to add Millennium Marines to my little list. Scarily good Russian outfit! (I got more than 3 but hey! there are just that many good outfits!)