Two Small Changes for Aircraft, Please

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  1. Wolfran

    More suggestions for aircraft game play.

    Get rid of Air Stealth, yep. Engagement radar too.

    Make the lock on delay of Stealth innate, but now air always shows on the mini map FOR EVERYONE.

    Option to use Yaw on the mouse, pair yaw to pitch rate. Like mentioned in other's posts.

    Make the racer chassis be trade off, less hover than now, but more speed than now.

    Allow camera adjustment while in 3rd person.

    Place camera view point while in first person a bit more forward for pilots, to get better free look angles.

    Add free-fall bombs to ESF and Valkyrie (to the pilot). Bombs must make falling sound that is noticeable to everyone around.
    • An Armor penetration one that deals ~80% of a lighting's health in single direct hit with low to no splash damage. ES ideas:
      • VS: Plasma Orb that splashes on impact, creating small projectiles after the first hit that can damage vehicles around, those small projectiles leave small fires on the surface hit, doing some dps for a few seconds. Lowest single target damage, longest relaunch delay.
      • TR: Tight sequence of kinetic bombs that explode on impact. Medium single target damage, Shortest relaunch delay.
      • NC: Single kinetic bomb, that after a short fuse also explodes. Highest Single target damage, Medium relaunch delay.
    • An ES AI area damage type that deals ~30% of infantry health on indirect damage,
      • Cluster bombs for NC, Highest burst damage.
      • Napalm for TR, Highest DPS.
      • A Crystal Shard that does EMP on impact, then really explodes after a few seconds for a bit of damage.
    Bombs should have a targeting indicator that takes the Craft's momentum into account while in 3rd person.

    Bombs go into secondary slot for ESF. Primary slot for Valkyrie, for the pilot to deploy, but also take the 2 forward rumble seats.

    Pulling a Heavy assault launcher now also takes an additional rumble seat., so at most 2, only 1 if there is a repair engineer, or no weapons for the pilot.

    Valkyrie pilot can equip Rocketpods, Missiles or Bombs, in the primary slot at the cost of 2 rumble seats. Try rocket pods, if its too strong, then just remove it again.

    Valkyrie Hover Frame gets Vertical thrust again, but loses some forward thrust, more helicopter like. Evasiveness airframe gets a bit less vertical thrust, but more forward. A bit more like plane.

    One max can go on in a Valkyrie, but takes the 2 back rumble seats, and can only shoot with one weapon to each side Left weapon left side, right right, switching aiming side by pressing the F5 - F6 keys.

    Engineers can install MANA turrets on the opposite side from their own seats. So one can choose to take 2 engineer or 2 heavy, or one of each. or 1 mana/launcher and 2 passengers.

    Installing pilot weapons increases Valkyr's nanite cost by 50 after cost reduction bonuses, consumes the 2 front rumble seats. Allowing for 1 heavy assault with a launcher or one mana turret or one MAX. maybe also takes away ejection seats?

    These changes aim to make the Valkyrie more like a close assault support craft, while balancing some of its cheese/abuse cases and giving the pilot something to do besides maneuver, which could make it a more predictable target, despite raising its base fire power, but limiting its maximum.

    As for ESF, the aiming controls and chassis changes would make it a bit more threatening in the hands of players by lowering the high skill floor while keeping the ceiling high as it is now. Bombs could help make aircraft bombing runs a reality in a less oppressive way when compared to liberators.
    With a lower skill floor, more aircraft would be on the sky, both for A2G and for A2A. Racer chassis would be good for bombing runs and interception, Dogfighting Air frame would benefit from mouse yaw changes the most by making the aircraft more responsive, bringing it into relevancy.

    Some balancing would of course be required, for example maybe remove the damage rudction the Valkyrie has on its belly, etc.
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  2. Demigan

    Well how about we discuss something that is symbolic of your position: Stealth.
    If griefing fktwads are so good at visual situational awareness by using freelook, why does almost every single one use stealth as their option?
    Against newbies they don't need it.
    Against other griefing fktwads it doesn't help because they have the visual situational awareness.

    Stealth is useful, otherwise it wouldn't be the griefing fktwads that use it en-masse. You even admit yourself that newbies should go for stealth immediately and that stealth is superior than engagement radar if players would be forced to choose. But stealth does not beat visual situational awareness, it only beats minimap and engagement radar. So again: Why would griefing fktwads use stealth instead of for example Composit armor which gives you a straight 10% extra health and survivability with it?
  3. Daikar

    I'll send you a PM with TS details
  4. Demigan

    I see no reason why we would need TS for such a simple thing as explaining why stealth is used so much but also supposed to be useless due to situational awareness. It would be nice to have any air player publicly admit he was wrong, or just to see them squirm when they finally run out of excuses. So either you are going to do this incredibly simple matter publicly, or you admit defeat.
  5. Daikar

    To me this was never about winning an argument or trying "defeat" you. I or you can write what we talk about on TS and I can confirm whatever it is we agree on, hell you can even record it if you want. I just don't want to argue over text because its very easy to misunderstand what the other person means. If you aren't up for talking then that's fine I don't mind but I'm not going to meet your arguments here anymore. So join my TS and poke me if you want to talk, I'll be there for a at least another 5 hours.
  6. Demigan

    Ofcourse you dont have to win the argument, becauae the game changes in your favor most of the time at the cost of everyone else. So as long as you spout nonesense that is somewhat in line with what the devs seem to agree with you are gravy.

    So I have to get you or another air player to admit that the griefing fktwads are a lying group of self-serving idiots who have led them by the nose all these years to get anything going. That is why I took a single simple argument that you arent the only offender off using that you have to explain.

    If visual situational awareness is so powerful for griefing fktwads that it obsoletes engagement radar, why would the anti-engagement radar stealth option be the most used and even advertised by airplayers (you included)? It should be useless if the visual situational awareness was so good, yet its the most used option by several landslides.
  7. Daikar

    Why are you so afraid of talking to me on TS? We can both give each other our honest opinion and talk it over and maybe come to an understanding, would that be so bad?
    The offer still stands, you have the IP and you are welcome to join any time you feel like talking, Im off to bed now but will be on there tomorrow if you feel like joining.
  8. Demigan

    Why are you so afraid of answering a simple question on a public forum?

    I wont join you because everything you have to say can be said on this forum, and I have no want to listen to someone who proves he cannot be trusted.
  9. Daikar

    If I answer your question about stealth will you join TS? And it's not that I'm afraid its just that you have consistently misunderstood alot of things Ive said, that's why I would like to talk instead of write because its easier to clear up those things over coms. But it feels like you just want to be right and win the argument instead of trying to understand me. Im actually trying to bridge the gap here and have a friendly conversation.
  10. Glenndal

    Currently learning to fly esfs, and I'm NOT good at it, but I don't find it particularly frustrating in any way. I'm using a keyboard and mouse setup. I've read a couple guides on how to do it and the principle makes sense. I also went from being essentially a flying pile of free exp incapable of shooting any non-ground target, to actually capable of taking out an enemy fighter on occasion. As far as I can tell, yaw is almost optional as a mechanic that is mostly useful for the finest of tuning against ground targets, or slow out-of-battle scanning of surroundings. I probably should use it a little in a2a, but pitch/roll/brakes/accel are all way way more important for my keeping track of a2a target movement, and I still haven't gotten a great handle on those, so fine control won't really help yet.

    Also, I find it pretty fun. Now that I have SOME understanding of flight-modes, the shape of flight combat, and which certs are important for it, I can generally tell why I died in a fight and what I need to do better. If I do need to cert something more, I know exactly how it will help me.

    All in all, while the strategic usefulness of esfs is somewhat questionable, I find the gameplay fun and reasonably intuitive. Ah, I also don't see any problem with allowing the option of switching things around the way the OP suggests. If there's not much more cost in terms of dev then why not let people customize their controls? It might work better for some people, and more people in the air sounds fun.

    With regard to constantly pulling ESFs, that's also not hard. With Nanite regen rates what they are, by the time I've found a combat I'll be useful in, engaged an enemy aircraft, and died, I've usually got enough nanites to pull another one. If I kill the enemy aircraft, and die to the next one, I DEFINITELY have enough.