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  1. CaptCran

    So, there is no way to prevent someone from using two accounts on separate factions to monitor sundy placement, platoon movement, cloaked units??? Too many times I've had a sundy parked in the middle of nowhere and someone B lines and destroys it. Same with infil. I'm creeping along and someone whips out their darklight the instant I'm in visual range with 100% there was no active sensor darts,vehicle radar, etc.....
  2. Campagne

  3. raffa2

    The monitoring doesn't really happen, and neither can happen easily, you either have someone stalking you if you stream, or your'e being paranoid.

    It's not hard to know there's an infiltrator around, you either hear the very loud cloak sound, see a friend mysteriously dying or people that communicate with voice chat when you're heard / seen by one.

    Also keep in mind air plays a role at spotting sundies, if someone saw your sunderer (probable) it will be blown up if unguarded, also people always check the usual sundie spawn locations if there ar cloaked sundies.

    And if you're one of those cheeky ***** that park cloaked sundies in the middle of nowhere and harass construction bases as stalker, another infiltrator can just spot where you come from and try to triangulate your sundie position.
  4. JibbaJabba

    No, there is nothing preventing this from happening. A much easier method would just be to find a twitch stream on the opposing faction and watch it while you play.

    I doubt any of this was happening to you though.

    There are a LOT of players in this game at any given time. You may not be as hidden as you think. There are also a lot of GOOD players in this game.

    I don't need to see or hear you to kill you as an infiltrator. The shimmer from your cloak is helpful as is the noise you make when you cloak/uncloak. At the end though I just need to know what you're trying to do (disrupt, ghost cap, hack, etc) to have a good idea where you are going to go and what you are going to do.
  5. The Rogue Wolf

    Yet another "I don't understand what happened; must be cheating!" complaint. Here's a tip for you: At no point are you ever completely invisible as an Infiltrator. Even with the Deep Operative implant and deep cloak, you will still have a slight distortion effect, and a player with a sharp eye and a good framerate can pick you out if you're out in the open.
  6. Redoubt

    Its really fun to spot an infiltrator and ruin his day. Mostly they're spotting me, and ruining my day.

    One of the veteran players that I play with thinks that sometimes, people use alternate accounts to scope things out. He would know, since thats what he does. Its a smart tactic, although a little dishonest. I wouldn't do it, but I understand why some would.

    You are mostly likely not paranoid, at very least some of the time.
  7. raffa2

    I don't get why would you need to scope things out, if you're not spying an enemy platoon, battle and zerg tactics are not really hard to understand or guess.
    A veteran knows where the enemy sunderer is when enemies spawn, or knows where a sniper is after seeing the trail, you don't really need a secondary to scout in this game as everything is pretty straightfoward in normal conditions.
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  8. LtBomber1

    Most of the things you are facing are self explaining.
    Sundies are easy prey: The stealth shield bubble is very obvious at certain graphic settings, all other can be spooted from air or a curious "i follow the river" soldiers. Most positions are known
  9. Kcalehc

    Also radar. You have no way of knowing if there's a stealthed scout radar unit within range. that makes you show up for everyone, and finding sunderers is easy, especially busy ones, just go for the big blob of radar contacts.
  10. CaptCran

    Which is lame because at the very least infils should have the standard ability to detect if radar is actively scanning the area.... But, wish in one hand ___ in the other right?

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