Two C4 doesn't kill an MBT anymore?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SLiCKRiCK, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Divinorium

    Oh wait you think tanks are viable in the game? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAha Ok i give up i can't teach a brick.
  2. Liquid23

    well being a DAT I guess tanks aren't viable for you personally anyway... which then begs the question of why you even care about C4 to begin with
  3. Hatesphere

    oh wait you only play on indar and like to sit still and get C4ed hahahahah, i cant teach a bad tanker.

    I think they seem to be working just fine

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  4. Divinorium!/5428021124297376449/stats

    14,5k of kills.
    2,7 k of vehicles destroyed.

    I guess that's the difference between me and you. i Know how to deal with vehicles, even without C4. I know how to work as a team and how patethic vehicles are right now, look at my vehicle count i have 2 auraxiam medals.

    How much time i spend with vehicles nowadays? 0. Not worth it.
    HA is better AI then any vehicle. and is as good AV then the Vanguard.

    But go ahead say how C4 is ok. How vehicle are stronk!

    You need to be trolling right?

    you have 7 players on your side and 16 vehicles on the enemy side. That means AT LEAST 48+ enemies.

    A base with a battle 1~12x48+ and you believe you should be allowed to do ****? against vehicles?

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  5. Liquid23

    as I thought... a DAT... and a whiny one
  6. Hatesphere

    thatts actually a 48+48 fight. near 50/50 hex, i only posted my mini map to see your mental gymnastics.
  7. Divinorium

    I'm curious. post your stats/ page.
  8. Divinorium

    Post the whole screen shoot then.
  9. Liquid23

    lol it's funny to watch him flail around like a small child throwing a tantrum in a toy store huh?
  10. Hatesphere

    it was last night only have the mini map, gonna have to take my word for it, or realize that the traverse is a big bridge and we had people on the other side of it as well.
  11. CleanUpGuyCZ

    SOE will recognize their mistakes when it is already to late and vehicles will be even more useless then now.
  12. Divinorium

    Sorry your word doesn't mean ****. In the map only shows 7 allieds.

    PS: EVEN if it was a 48x48 the only players engaged to the 16 vehicles were 7 players. In the same HEX it's commong having multiple battles.(example as Biolabs that have a battle at each plataform.)

    PS2: Liquid23 i still waiting for the link? why so self-aware about it? a great player like you probably owns right?
  13. Liquid23

    did you even read this thread? cause you don't seem to know what it's about
  14. Hatesphere

    people like to fall on stats when they start to have no real argument. its why non of my toons are the same name as my forum name.
  15. Divinorium

    Arguments without stats/screenshoots/proofs aren't arguments are just opinions.:rolleyes:

    But hey i need to take your word on that right? because if you say you know what you are doing, you know what you are doing.
  16. Hatesphere

    I was talking more about individual player stat, as in for one toon. its silly to use that as any basis for an argument.
  17. Divinorium

    Silly? I've said that i have NO problem killing enemy vehicles, because it's easy and showed that i have one vehicle kill for each 5 kills.

    If it doesn't show how, at least for me, it's easy to deal with vehicles right now. Tell me how i do so? Maybe later i will stream in the twitch TV i cleaning the vehicles in the battlefield if you like so.

    PS: Still better than a picture of a minimap showing 7 players and saying "hey there was 48 here". And sundenly you don't have the whole picture anymore.:rolleyes:

    But hey i IT'S YOUR WORD. The word of the anonymous guy.
  18. Liquid23

    yeah... I don't link mine in my sig or use the same name cause I'm an ******* so I don't really need people in game saying "hey I remember you from the forums"... lol
  19. CleanUpGuyCZ

    Yeah it's about C4, but then it got a discussion about the power of MBTs
  20. Liquid23

    your comment didn't really make sense because this was about a bug which was making C4 not work properly (along with all explosive deployables)... in this context SOE's "mistake" was that 2 C4 was no longer reliable in gibbing MBTs (or any vehicle) so your comment was kind of backward... if anything them not realizing or fixing said mistake late would be a boon to (bad) tankers and not something that would make vehicles less usefull