Twitter: "@mhigby Good news tankers, we've changed our minds and separated driver/gunner !"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberBonisseur, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. UberBonisseur

    If only.
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  2. Goden

    Least of the games problems right now
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  3. UberBonisseur

    Oh, time for a priority list then.

    Since smed did not bother posting on the forums and chose reddit instead, what are your top 5 issues with the game ?
  4. iller

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  5. Aegis Titan

    I opened this thread, thinking: "yeah finaly"... Now I'm disappointed :(.
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  6. TriumphantJelly

    You. ****ed. The Magrider.


    To be fair I'm happy this isn't happening. I know it's contraversial. Eh.
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  7. UberBonisseur

  8. Heyitsrobbie1984

    how is that gonna play out if they seperate the gunner and driver for the Prowler and the Vanguard? this is going to get ugly
  9. TriumphantJelly

    ... Hwhat? You... You're more concerned about what this would do the Prowler/Vanguard? The Magrider doesn't EVEN HAVE A TURRET!
  10. Heyitsrobbie1984

    exactly. the prowler and vanguard passengers need to communicate if they wanna succeed. i doubt the magriders would have that problem.
  11. Ruffdog

    Vanu will not smile on you for lying on t'internet
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  12. Pikachu

    Everybody knows they would never make such a big change this late in the game. It would just p**** off all MBT drivers and make them leave the game.
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  13. Prudentia

    Magrider already has a dedicated Gunner and Driver... tells you how powerful it is considering it's primary is the secondary of the other tanks....
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  14. Replay

    it would only matter if they removed the rear armor weakness on tanks and gave them all a speed buff. You can only make the game more focused on driving if maneuvering was actually important, or viable.
  15. Aegis Titan

    Well perhaps this could be a better direction to take. Instead of the current buff and nerf cycle, why not try to start over again. It's not like the buffing and nerfing is pleasing everyone.
  16. Torok

    I almost fainted, and I even had checked twitter this morning before this thread of yours just now!

    You got me here uber :)

    Now f**k you ahah
    Make a new vehicle for that, the NS goliath tank being it, just like the Valkyrie is going to be the Separated Driver / Gunner air vehicle as the Harrasser was for the very first ground vehicle builded like this.
  17. CDN_Wolvie

    Er, what are you talking about Pik?

    As a long time lover of driving and shooting from tanks in PC games, at the very least speaking for myself, I go play other games for tank fun like ArmA 3 simply because separation of driver and gunner is more fun. In my experience, good team work as the driver trying to protect a ArmA tank, while the gunner calls out threats and tries to eliminate the threats ASAP is a blast.

    You know why I still get a kick out of using a Harasser and Sunderer from time to time? Separation of driver and gunner(s). I concentrate on driving in a manner that makes my gunner consider bailing out and then laughing when we survive and they focus on bringing the noise, its a lot of fun.

    Hell, the driving game could be a hell of a lot more fun in this game too if vehicles wouldn't slipNslide, flip and blow up from a drop so damn much. I might take up trying fun trick jumps over Broken Arch off of Galaxies or something again.
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  18. Kanil

    Given the amount of threads about C4 against tanks here, I'd say situational awareness is already important.
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  19. Gammit

    I hate you for getting my hopes up. :)
  20. Flying Mug

    Doesn't have options how the tank is equipped and was still a 2 man tank. They'd have to rework Magrider secondaries to make them make sense for the driver. I mean, what would have by default? A fixed forward looking Basilisk? Once you upgrade to the Halberd the driver would be in control of more firepower than the gunner unless you got him the AP turret.

    With PS2 secondary weapon options the PS1 Magrider is a nonsensical model. Why does that always get glossed over? It isn't an easy change. They'd probably have to rework the Magrider's graphics, aside from the balance and mechanics.
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