[Suggestion] Tweak faction specific sidearms

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Devildjinn, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Devildjinn

    The sidearms amp,spiker & mag scatter all seem quite underwhelming. Their descriptions and cert cost lead you to believe they are better than they are.
    These weapons are a straight down grade rather than side grade.
    What i think :

    Mag scatter
    +1 shell and extra magazine
    Rpm +50
    Cof from 3.0 to 2.5
    Extending its ads with smart choke to roughly the same as jackhammer approx 12m

    T4 amp
    Increase bullet capacity to 28. (+7 rounds)
    Slightly decrease bloom.
    +1 clip

    Unsure about spiker, only spent time in vr room with it, maybe someone could chime in.
    I think the charged shot should headshot kill, because its really 4 rounds.
    Increase rpm?

    What do you guys think?
    Some options for sidearms would be great. Currently, i feel, the only viable options are underboss and commie.
  2. OldMaster80

    The t4 amp does nor need any change imho. I'm sure there far worse tr pistols like I.e. the inquisitor.

    Still the point remains that the ns pistols are such a solid choice in most of situations that there's almost no need for other sidearms.
  3. _itg

    Your mag-scatter buff seems a bit much, considering stalker infiltrators can use it. I'd probably just give it an extra pellet, so you can be a little less precise and still get the 2-shot kill. Extra damage does translate to a little extra range, as well. This would allow it to OHK if all pellets hit the head, but considering OHK knives exist and you couldn't get the OHK much further away than that, I think this would be fine.

    The AMP is actually a good pistol. It's just that the repeater does the same thing slightly better. 2-3 extra rounds would be nice, though.

    The Spiker is currently a direct upgrade to the NC's Desperado (which is solid enough, as is), so it doesn't need any buffs. It would be cool if it were reworked into something equally good but flavorful, although the VS whined so hard to get the pistol in this state that I'd hate to see the reaction if the devs tried to change it.
  4. Devildjinn

    It depends really, i focused on these weapons, because they seem like they were made for a stalker, imho.
    I dont expect to destroy everyone i meet with a secondary, however, if i surprise a HA and unload into his/her back, it seems futile, just turn around and kill you. Perhaps im doing it wrong?
    I dont suppose sidearms matter when it comes to finishing off when your main is empty.
    Thought this might explain my motive.
  5. Fatal_Finn

    Yeah I just wish the revolvers would have been NC thing...

    Then there could've been 3 NS pistols a bit like this:

    - 200/112 damage model
    - 400rpm
    - semi-auto

    - 143/112 damage model
    - 600rpm
    - 2x burst

    Blackhand as it is

    NS revolvers would have never happened and LA8 Rebel got a revolver re-skin, mag size changed to 6 and damage lifted up to 300/143.
  6. FateJH

    Mag-Scatter was one of the worst pistols in the original game too. If I recall correctly, you could stand in front of the closest target in VR and still miss pellets, thus adding to your STK.
  7. asmodraxus

    Do the VS pistols need any changes i.e. Commissioner, Underboss, X-Bow and Blackhand?

    And what is this Spiker you talk about?
  8. Liewec123

    spiker is actually great, the charge up mechanic is'nt too great for general pistol work (though you can use it like the crossbow as a stalker, but without the drop! still 2 shot kill)
    its a burst mode works like desperado and repeater, burst pistols are always awesome :)

    as for magscatter, (which i love to use on my stalker in some self harming way!)
    it would be cool if it did slightly more damage so you could get the 2 shot kill more often,
    commi and underboss are both 3 shot kill and fire a hell of a lot faster and can be used at faaaar longer ranges,
    so i don't think more reliable 2 shots would be OP for magscatter.

    i've not tried AMP outside of VR,
    repeater is imho the best sidearm in the game so i haven't bothered with any others on my TR :)
  9. nehylen

    A lot of ES secondaries are indeed all over the place, though i don't agree with you on the Spiker which is alright. In my opinion:

    - MagScatter needs +1 round +50rpm but not a pellet CoF buff
    - Amp needs 25 rounds/mag, perhaps even 1 or 2 more
    - Inquisitor needs a 2x burst mode
    - Beamer needs a 2x burst mode
    - Cerberus should be made different, say 550rpm/2x burst/125dmg/15m max damage range (VS have no "SPA" pistol)
  10. Devrailis

    People use ES pistols? Most people seem to use revolvers, running ES pistols for Auraxium purposes or just for novelty.
  11. Ragnarox

    I don't think that TR guns need buff, instead i think the best way is to nerf Magrider.
  12. CMDante

    Give the Inquisitor back 2-round burst please. It's not worth getting carpal tunnel to try to actually make use of the thing's RoF.

    While we're on the subject, can we get unique models for the Emperor, Rebel and Manticore? Please?
  13. Ballto21

    The problem with the spiker is not the charge mechanic being kind of shoddy (well it is one of the issues but not the big one)

    The big one is it doesnt have a semi auto mode that functions properly. What i mean by this is if you had a spiker on semi auto/charge mode and spammed it, the game would delay for a fraction of a second between thinking "I have to charge" to "Oh wait i have to fire"

    This lowers its effective RPM by about 30-50% depending on a few variables (what mouse youre using, how fast you take your finger off the button, lag, etc etc)

    This can easily be fixed by adding a third firing mode to look like this. 2x burst|semi-auto|Charge

    that way, you have the effective semi auto shot for a more versatile weapon, and the third charge mechanic will not fire at all until full charge is made.

    If you want to buff the charge, make it a OHK headshot and up the blast a bit.