TV Guided UAV with 300m Fuel Range, 30 seconds of total cover per clip, only for one faction.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by St0mpy, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. St0mpy

    Why dont we make for one faction only a UAV with a steerable camera for six seconds a time which can see everything up to about 400m in the direction its fired?

    Give it 5 shots, so we can either scout a certain area for 30 seconds, or fire off 5 in a circle to get a full tactical picture, right up to the next base in some parts of the map.

    And of course we can always rinse and repeat anywhere near a terminal, an engineer pack or a deployed sundy for unlimited UAV cover as long as we have ammo. Itll be like your own personal television for troop movements up to 400m away. Doesnt that sound cool?

    Just think of how easy itll be to see sunderers hidden behind a rock outcrop, even if they took a huge flank route and approached from a blind side, no matter, we can find them without even moving from the base. When we see incoming troops we trap like crazy before bugging out, or set up our own ambush since they wont know we saw them coming.

    The skys the limit (literally) on how this UAV can be used to add a tactical element.

    However only one side should get it, is that fair? The other two sides can have something else, but nothing that would double as a UAV like this. Thats just for our side.

    What do you think? Should we have something like this or not?
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  2. Loegi

    Not really. If it's actually viable as a recon UAV it sounds OP.
  3. Phazaar

    Eugh. Duplicate (idiotic) thread. RadarX, please close?
  4. Oreo202

    OP, the Phoenix will be fine.
  5. RadiO

    Because 300m and a really whomp turning radius isn't totally screwing it over. It's still as spammable as any other RL. ^____^
  6. Vanudrax

    IF, and that's a big IF, it is as bad as you say, the forums will erupt in rage, SOE will nerf it soon enough and we can go back to raging about Scatmaxes.

    We'll all know soon enough. Imagine everyone will be in VR testing out all the new launchers.
  7. LiamPam

    Anti-Vehicle Sniper Rifle.

    'nuff said.
  8. smokemaker

    Cant wait.
    Love the idea.
    Back off nerfers
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  9. Bill Hicks

    if only there was a class that could go invisible and take this overpowered weapon out. Maybe even give them the ability to cloak another vehicle that has radar.
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  10. Tasogie

    yup the faction jumpers will now all go nuts an the one faction now is gonna get very very overloaded. the pop balance now si going to be extremely one sided.
    SOE have a habit of doing things like this, specially now they are so focused on pleasing the cod crowd.
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  11. BlackHawkM1

    I have a question then my opinion.
    Question: what empire are you?
    Opinion: I have to say no, for a few reasons.
    A) there is now no point in spending time to get a really good sundy spot if someone could just sit safely in the spawn room and figure out where the sundy is.
    B) It can not be for only one empire. It will benefit that empire WAY to much and especially so for LA and engi. of that empire. I might change my opinion depending on what the other two empires get, but until I see that, no.
  12. Radioactive Bomba

    Ooh. What a great idea... What about we give the VS some mini skirt wearing Japanese school girls with magic powers??!! That would be sooo awesome!!!!...........

    They should be able to cause jealousy in the womens and boners on the male chars'..... And their ability??? Too naughty... Don't want to talk about it o_O maybe there is small kids around.

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  13. Ronin Oni

    Watch Higby's demonstartion video....

    It does not have the best turning radius so will not be like some UAV.

    Yes, it will be powerful... but so will Lancers and Strikers in their own way.

    Hell, Nothing will kill a Sundy as fast as a small Striker team locking on from 200m away....

    And slightly larger Lancer teams can charge up and insta-gib it from even farther.
  14. Highway_Star

    I'm way ahead of you dude. Show some love, bump for justice.
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  15. LibertyRevolution

    Can phoenix be fired from inside a spawn room shield? If so I am buying one...
    I have this vision of 6 guys in a spawn room destroying the 20 prowlers that are camping the spawn room.
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  16. Tobax

    Sure and we'll use this UAV for a day or 2 before all the burster maxes see they can just shoot it down and suddenly all your shots keep getting blown up...
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  17. LibertyRevolution

    Yes because that max is going to down half a dozen of these before we kill him with them...

    I am going to find an infiltrator with a wraith flash and ride the rumble seat killing and then cloaking with a camera guided missile...

    I can think of many ways to have fun with this new toy..
  18. Tobax

    Shhh your hurting my point to not nerf them :p
  19. smokemaker

    I see what you are doing... lol
  20. BengalTiger

    A short debate on a redneck forum and we've figured out that the NC get a hybrid of:

    -UAV for scouting.
    -Indirect fire guided artillery
    -Something that makes the Engy AV turret not OP against tanks anymore except for very long range shootouts
    -A way to talk with low speed Liberators even beyond the reach of the dumbfire (which is some 50-100 meters, depending on the player's aim)
    -A decoy- it's possible to shoot down this thingy, so enemies will be busy while our Reavers and Liberators close the distance and line up their crosshairs with the sources of all the exploding tracers
    -An extension of render distance by 300 meters
    -A new tool that gives not much warning to the enemies
    -MAX hunter from behind cover
    -Engy turret killer with 100% accuracy
    -And finally, combine it with a Wraith equipped Flash.

    We pretty much don't care it'll be the worst in raw damage output due to reloading being delayed by the flight time.
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