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    Mission 1: Pick Your Battles

    A new voice over character, we'll call him Sarge, is introduced. The player spawns in and is instructed to enter the building ahead and cap the point. After the player takes a few steps, a heavy strafes into view with overshield up and aim-bots the player. The player's death is standard, with the bot's image appearing in fancy gear, with a name like HeavyEveryDay and 9001 Directive score.

    The player respawns and the spawn room is locked. Sarge advises to assault the base at a different angle by taking the teleport tube. The player does this, and as soon as they leave take one step outside of the auxiliary spawn room they get headshot by a sniper. The sniper's card appears in similar fashion to the Heavy. The player is locked in the spawn room again. Sarge advises, "This fight is above your paygrade/Victory here is not Vanu's will/Not worth the cost to the Empire" and advises the player to redeploy.

    After redeploying, the player enters a room with a heavy t-bagging a friendly infiltrator and spamming taunts, an engineer running in circles dropping ammo, and an infiltrator facing away, strafing back and forth and looking out a window. The player kills these 3 bots and Sarge says something like, "The first step to winning is choosing the right fight!"

    Mission 2: Teamwork

    Sarge appears next to the player in the spawn room as a heavy and commands the player to equip the medic loadout. Indicators advise the player to move with Sarge to cover. Sarge says, "Heal me why I enlighten/destroy/spread freedom." Sarge moves out of cover and shoots enemies while taunting. A sniper headshots Sarge and the player must revive him. They move up to additional cover and repeat.

    After this, they approach an objective room. A barrier prevents the player from moving in. Sarge advises "watch my back" and moves in and begins shooting. A lone enemy light assault approaches from down the hall, ignoring the player. After the player kills the light assault, Sarge asks the player to help him cap the point.

    Once the point is capped, Sarge commends the player then remembers something. He shoots a control panel, opening a barrier to reveal a sniper facing out the window. He (and possibly the player) kill the sniper. "There's two things I love, capping points and capping snipers."

    Mission 3: Its not my favorite, but...

    Sarge advises the player to equip Heavy in the spawn room. He goes on about the perks of Heavy and why its the best class. The two leave the spawn room, but can't advance past bots shooting out of windows. Sarge calls for a retreat and the player either retreats or dies trying. Sarge then relents that maybe another class would be better suited to the job. He tells the player to pick light assault and they move out the back, around the building and in cover. They jump to the top, and flank the bots in the windows.

    Mission 4: Worse than Nothing

    The player appears in the spawn room with Sarge and another bot. "This is Donkey, he's the worst medic in the VS/TR/NC." The three move ahead to cover. There is a downed friendly near cover in the open. Donkey revives the bot and the bot is immediately killed again. Sarge says he should clear the area *then* rez, and invites the player to help him show Donkey how its done. The player and Sarge clear the enemies ahead.

    The area is open to the sky and the objective has 4 walls in a tight circle around it. Sarge wants the player to help him take the objective. The player must advance to the objective. "Frag Out!" screams Donkey, throwing a grenade on top of Sarge and the player. Sarge (and hopefully the player) run away. Sarge admonishes Donkey, who replies, "Oh, was that the wrong choice? Ok then..." and calls an orbital strike. There is no where to hide, and the three die.

    Back on the loading screen, Sarge is mad and advises the player and Donkey that the next base requires stealth and for the player and Donkey to equip an infiltrator with the hunter kit then spawn at the Sunderer. Once the player does this and spawns in, Donkey says, "Did someone say Sunderer?" and drives up with a Sunderer, horn blaring and running over Sarge (and possibly the player if they move in the way.)

    After respawning, the three sneak into the base. The first room is large and full of enemy infantry and maxes. They sneak past and into the next room. Sarge begins to advise that they need to overload the generator and prepare to assault the SCU, when he's interrupted by Donkey. "Enemy MAX, spotted!" And so on as he stands in the door spotting the enemies.

    The enemies become aware of the trio and quickly murder all three. Sarge says, "Well soldier, I see today was a failure. But at least, hopefully, you learned what *not* to do."

    Mission 5: Right place, right time

    The player, Sarge, and Donkey begin in the spawn room. The objective is in the building ahead, but Sarge advises they wait while he equips an infiltrator and shoots the building with a recon dart. The mini-map lights up full of enemies. He then tells the player to equip a MAX and Donkey to equip an engineer. Donkey tries to equip a MAX too but he does not have the nanites. The three assault the base, letting the player lead the charge while Sarge supports with a Launcher and Donkey repairs and complains the whole time.


    I hope these were fun. Since we're all talking about new player experiences I've had these little missions in my head all day and thought I'd get them out.
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