Turret unavailable

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Salastinie, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Salastinie

    My turret became unavailable. Hitting 5 wouldn't bring it up, mousescrolling would skip and pass over. Resupplying at a terminal didn't work. Logging to the char select screen and logging in fixed it.
  2. KM131

    This only happens to me if i die while try to deploy it.
  3. Tuhljin

    Happened to me once. (As KM131 said, when I died trying to place one.) It's clearly a bug.
  4. Rusky

    Happened to me today also. Not sure what caused it.
  5. GSZenith

    Please call back later or leave a msg after the tone....biiiiiip.
  6. Calahagus

    I've been getting the same problem, hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  7. BalogDerStout

    Happened to me.

    Dying while deploying it sounds like it might have been the cause, think I was trying to deploy the turret and got shot while doing so. After that the 5th option was totally locked out, no amount of redeploying would fix it.
  8. Rusky

    It just happened again yesterday, and I didn't die this time.

    I just dropped the turret then wanted to rop it again (before entering it) and couldn't.
    I then entered the turret, exited, and then I could drop it again.
  9. Brainpan

    Happened to me. I think it fixed itself after I changed to another class and changed back to engineer later. Still a bug.
  10. Shiladie

    I have this happen fairly regularly, but I die fairly often attempting to place my turret. The only fix is to log out and back in, swapping classes won't work, but you don't need to exit entirely.
  11. Dixa

    had a 100+ kill streak and this happened. was fixed by dying or hitting a resupply terminal