[Suggestion] Turret specialization/perks

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Xocolatl, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Xocolatl

    I think it would be interesting if each turret has a utility slot that you can specialize in. Each may also slightly alter the turret's appearance.

    1) Outdoor drill-base: The turret is no longer just set into the ground, but rather drill into the ground. Allows turret to be setup on more inclined surfaces.
    Purpose: Ambush

    2) Custom coupling base: The turret is mounted onto a custom coupling, instead of straight onto the base. Allows extra turning as well as depression angle.
    Purpose: Outdoor area defense

    3) Range finder attachment: Increase zoom distance by X.
    Purpose: Outdoor support firing

    4) Composite Shield Attachment: Increase HP and adds damage reduction to operator from all direction.
    Purpose: Indoor defense.

    And while SOE is at it, I really wish they would just fix the damn turret so it can be placed on slightly uneven area and more terrtain type.
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  2. DrBash00

    I think you have good Ideas, but SOE have a lot of Ideas for the Engie... There problem is, it takes A LOT of affort to impliment this... and they have other stuff right now going.

    Greetings MrBasher
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  3. khai

    at the very least differing optics would be a nice add on, just steal them from vehicles.
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  4. reydelchicken

    Good suggestions, but the one that should have the biggest priority imo are the custom optics.

    How are you supposed to defend your swamp if you don't have shrekvision?
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  5. Xocolatl

    I guess I should've colored the main point of the post and put it first, haha.
    While I think that some specialization could be fun, I just want the damn thing to be placeable in the world. There is hardly any place in the game where I can place the turret and be useful right now.
  6. DrBash00

    Thats true, it is sometimes really a artform of placing a mana turret in the mountains ^^
  7. Rich9115

    liked and supported; they really arent bad ideas
  8. Vosrash

    Why this wasn't implemented at launch is beyond me, more options is always a good thing.
  9. Xocolatl

    Don't mean to necro, but damn, this forums move slow...I haven't been on the site in ages, and this is still on first page? That can't be healthy for the Engineer class.
  10. Uncle_Lou

    Honestly I think one of the things that bugs me most about the turrets is that they are almost useless on any base structure with a wall above ground level. Second floor of a tower, for example... you can't seem to place it quite up to the wall, so you better hope the bad guys are on a hill side.

    Finicky placement is definitely my #1 gripe. Some kind of zoom would be fantastic, even if only low power, like 1.5x.
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