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  1. CaptCran

    Any TR use this sniper rifle yet and if so any recommendations on how to use it (attachments,range, etc)? This is the last sniper rifle I need to use before I have ALL of them at Auraxium level. Long road and I want to finish it up right.
  2. JobiWan

    I love it. It excels in mid range and I believe it's the fastest firing TR bolt action. I use it with a 4x scope so no need to hold your breath either. I use it with the straight pull bolt. I recently got the RAMS-50 but I'm struggling with it TBH, it seems really slow and hard to aim in comparison.

    Stick a 2x scope on it and it's awesome for biolab fights.
  3. CaptCran

    The RAMS is a head shot machine. I used the 12 x scope at the beginning because of the bullet velocity but backed it down to the 10 x just to try it out and it felt better. Bighorns nothing special. Running the SR-7 right now. 20 more kills till it's complete. It's my top gun with a 44% hit rate. Was really surprised too. So far each rifle has it's niche.
  4. Zuprize

    I used 4x sight and straigth pull bolt since I started using it, besides the reduced heashot kill range it's better than all the other snipers unless you really want to sit at over 100 meters to take your time sniping.
  5. PanzerGoddess

    ....did I just read that right....the last gun to use :eek::eek:.......Not even sure what to say.....

    and please for the love of tsar42 do not use the straight bolt, forward grip and get in there and get a little crazy with it......

    RAMS = Infiltrator shotgun
    RAMS + forward Grip + Silencer + stock scope + cqc combat = heaven

    when it comes to rifles and your top tier playstyle tsar42 is #1 by far

    ksr35 and tsar42 I use religiously, and not always the way intended :cool:
  6. Ximinetto

    I prefer use semiauto sniper and scout rifles like Gauss Spr and Vandal,two head shows and the target is dead,those weapons are more forgiving if u miss a shot or if u do a body shot. Of course if u have Good aim the volt action snipers are better but ur aiming surely diminishes at ver long targets isn't it???
  7. PanzerGoddess

    not with your faction sniper rifles like tsar42, sas, ghost. Range gives you the time to take additional shots and the hs damage is still fatal, their BV is still great for range, little practice and you will learn to appreciate those guns. But yes like any semi-auto weapon they will always be more forgiving when you miss, 10 round clips vs single shot bolt actions.
  8. CaptCran

    Yeah. I thought it was insane at first but I hate using weapons past 1160 kills. I want those 200 certs for using it till the end (sometimes bitter).
  9. Eternaloptimist

    IIRC the TSAR42 is the TR version of the clone medium range snipers. Hard hitting and the best BASR refire rate for follow up shots. 4x is the biggest sight you can get on the medium range snipers. Really good in the right hands. Semi auto snipers are faster firing (lower damage) but the smallest scope is the default 6x which hampers it if you get as close to the enemy as you may want to with the TSAR.
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    i thought the trap was the last gun to use
  11. PanzerGoddess

    .....somehow I feel this is a trap
  12. Ximinetto

    U can always get the Impetus and respective faction equivalents,or the Vandal,both with a x4 scope. And they are semiauto.

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