Try Slug Mattock today.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Goldy, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Psykmoe

    Slugs mostly use the hipfire stats of a shotgun to check accuracy, so Mattocks mostly improve your velocity by a solid margin over Scatterguns. On stationary targets they have equivalent accuracy because they have the same hipfire stats. Slugs do not benefit from the Mattock's tighter buckshot spread, but also do not suffer from the Mattock's lower buckshot damage.

    With 100 extra m/s velocity, Mattocks are still better than Scatters, but maybe not by a big enough margin to buy them if you already have Scatterguns to toss slugs on.

    This also means that Mattocks and Scatters mix pretty well as you will only notice the velocity difference at the outer edge of your effective range.
  2. Patrician

    Slugs are not viable; the CoF on them is horrendous, they can fly in any part of the ( ). Yes, if you get some lucky shots you can down infantry at 20 metres but try doing that regularly and see how many kills you get.

    I'm beginning to sense a bit of a conspiracy here between the VS and TR players; they're quite happy with the state of the NC AI Max and would like it kept that way, for obvious reasons. So they're the ones you see posting about using Mattock with slugs is an effective way to get range, or that the Aegis Shield is actually useful (based on the fact that you can reload using it I guess. It has no other use), or that they've had their AI Amx killed by a Haxor Max in under two seconds etc.

    Of course they're going to make out the NC AI Max is "OK as is" they're quite happy that their Max's are now in a much better place than the NC Max.

    Now where is that tinfoil hat?
  3. Psykmoe

    Slugs are what we have for mid range. "Making the best of what we have" is not the same as "wanting no improvements". Sorry you don't like people using flawed tools to the best of their ability.

    They are viable as long as you understand how cones of fire are affected by movement or crouching, and once you realize the MAX crosshair is completely static and has very little to tell you about where AI weapon shots go anyway, regardless of empire.

    But I guess having more combined slug Grinder kills than any other weapon, just makes me a really deep cover terran spy.

    I may not be the greatest player but slug Grinders absolutely work for me.

    All it takes is looking at the tool and figuring out to use it instead of ******** about other tools that are not available.

    Not liking slugs is fine. That's personal preference. They're not entirely intuitive. But they're quite viable.
  4. The Jiggler

    This. I certed slugs for mattocks a long time ago - it's a waste of certs. People here claim that they can accurately take out a target at 50m; This is just so much luck. Anyone who hasn't tried mattock slugs get in the VR and see how reliably you can hit the target dummies.

    Slugs are horribly inaccurate to the point of uselsss for serious players.
  5. KnightCole

    [quote="Patrician, post: 2025809, member:

    Now where is that tinfoil hat?[/quote]

    I conducted a not so stealthy raid on the auraxium tin foil hat Company. Nc8 kodiak lmg, 3m blast radius heat rounds, battle walkers, 20mm anti material rifles. Proxy rockets for the ar. Dual gauss saw max suits.......oh yeah, there is nothing left.
  6. KnightCole

    Yeah im not a fan of slugs either. Ill spam my exmag mattocks....slugs lower close range no thx

    But if u wanna fix nc max, give it 5pellets per barrel @112dmg per pellet..thats 15 from one arm and 30 from 2. Yes sir that would solve all our problems. There r 6 guns on the nc max anyway
  7. Epic High Five

    An NC MAX without slugs is an expensive paperweight. If you're worthless outside of 10m then you're a drain on your team and not a force multiplier like you should be. Slugs do not land anywhere within the reticle - the reticle represents the max COF. The shots are much tigher if you're crouched and not moving, to the tune of being able to reliably land shots on targets up to 50m away. The shots will only fly all over the reticle if you're magdumping or firing while jumping around.

    Even in a biolab, your biggest threats are jetting around >10m over your head, why would you drop a ******** of infantry resources to be a one trick pony, firing impotently at them and dumping two mags just to land MAYBE 9 50 damage pellets?

    The part I like best about slugs is that I don't have to sit there getting hammered on while I maneuver into a range to use my guns. I just use them from wherever I'm standing at the time. It's incredible. Then I pull my shield up during reloads and both me and my engie pal behind me are invincible as I prepare my next volley.

    The NC MAX is pretty much unplayable with buckshot, much more so after you let yourself get used to slugs.

    Mostly what I want changed about the NC MAX is for it to get a dedicated slug gun with big *** mags and a ton of ammo reserve - I hate that we don't have a real "lots of staying power via tons of ammo but with a downside" weapon like the Cosmos/Mutilator.
  8. Goretzu

    Yup, this is the thing, dump 2x clips at an infantryman at 50m and you'll likely kill them (although you may well miss with all your slugs and not).

    But then consider how many infantrymen a TR or VS AI MAX would kill with 2x clips at 50m.

    All slugs do is front load the damage for a damage nerf, but the CoF means this actually makes them more hit and miss (just the hits are bigger) over a fairly narrow range where they significantly improve on pellets.

    Slugs are the least worst option at most engangement ranges however, but that's not really saying much.

    When you think about it, that's pretty much what the TR and VS AI MAXs are.

    NC AI MAXs with low damage slugs, but with huge ammo reserves (and quick reloads)
  9. Purg

    It's funny since I now feel the opposite way. On my NC main, I used to exclusively run slugs - first on my Scattercannons and then on my Mattocks. I was one of the few AA MAX at the time in our platoon so I'd sit in my suit and assault any base with slugs so I could swap back to AA without cooldown or resource loss when required. I could sit on Amp Station roofs and hit running enemy going to shield generators. I'd estimate ~2500 kills minimum with slugged weapons. I considered myself decent with them. After the mag size and damage at range nerf and the proliferation of the ZOE MAX, the range benefit while lowering close range power just didn't make sense to me anymore. Felt like a CoF nerf somewhere down the line too.

    I can rack up long kill streaks with buckshot Mattocks with shield playing an assault role. I kill far more MAX than being killed by them which may not have been possible if I had equipped slugs. Had I not had the shield, I probably would have persevered with slugs and probably ultimately dumped the AI portion of my MAX. It's more efficient and less frustrating for me to down enemy at 50m using any other class other than MAX. The survivability in CQC where low TTK weapons are being used is where buckshot shines and where the NC MAX has a purpose.
  10. Tekuila

    I use them all the time. :D
  11. Alanim

    Only NC MAX shotgun worth using with slugs is the scattershot.

    has 1 hit kill capabilities at 10M unlike the mattock and is just as accurate, with the same TTK or better at every range as I recall?
  12. siddar

    Slug damage is the same for all shotguns except pumpactions.

    Regular infantry shotguns and all max shotguns using slugs do 500 max damage with 300 min damage.

    Pumpactions do 800 max damage with slugs and I would estimate 400-425 min damage.

    Lower damage shotguns actually gain the most from slugs because they lose less damage using slugs compared to other higher damage shotguns using the same slug type.
  13. Purg

    Slug damage is the same regardless of the MAX shotgun. The Mattock is the better choice because it has a higher projectile velocity which means less drop. Last time I compared my Scattercannons and Mattocks with slugs, it was very noticeable how much drop you get with Scats at range.
  14. Psykmoe

    Yeah, Mattocks are the best slug gun, but I don't really feel the increased drop of Scatterguns. At least the CoF is the same for the two, which is the most important issue to me.

    I love slug Grinders but their inferior movement CoF means quick reaction snapshots are harder to pull off compared to slug Scatters/Mattocks. But at least the bigger magazine size slightly makes up for doing less damage per shot inside 5 meters.

    The biggest problem with slugs is less the regular CoF, which is easy to work around with practice, it's the awful CoF-bloom, which is double that of, say, an infantry autoshotgun with slugs. So at mid range you really need trigger discipline to let the CoF resettle.