Try Slug Mattock today.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Goldy, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Chewy102

    On a trash alt I have for TR weapon tests and/or the rare need for an alt I recently saved enough passive certs to get a Mutilator. So I have one arm Heavy C and the other a Mutilator and that combo feels GODLY with the amount of ammo I can spend!

    I was just wasting time waiting for an OPs and that combo can sustain fire for what felt like 20-30 seconds before any need to stop firing. Just holding down that triggers and I was able to fire 3 mags for the Heavy C and 2 for the Mutilator before the ammo counts matched up to have both arms reloading at once. Just walking around the WG with non stop shooting and never had COF problems when looking at the wall hits. Every shot was within a tile and I would have had no problems hitting anything I wanted with constant fire and moving about maxing out the COF.

    That was with just 250CP and a trash alt. Think about what would happen if I put some effort into that class.

    The only things TR or VS MAXes need is 250CP to get a 2nd arm. Past that is 100% optional. NC MAXes are forced to save for dual extended mags for anything on top of the 2nd arm. That adds a mandatory 1,250 certs before a NC MAX can think about working on getting armor or ability. More if the weapons he wants are not Grinders, much, much more.
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  2. Frotang

    Left arm Mattock w/ slugs and Right arm Mattock w/ buckshot.

    That's the setup I've used for quite some time and it's very versatile, doesn't quite have the long range stopping power of dual slugs but it gets the job done. I'll be switching to Grinders after the last 30 kills to get Auraxium on my slug arm (buckshot arm ended up getting Auraxium about 120 kills sooner than slug arm).
  3. Dragoneye

    Actually I did. I love playing MAX for all three empires. Even without slugs, Mattocks are pretty darn good, and with slugs I feel like I have almost the same power at range as the other MAXes, while still having the face-shattering close combat burst that only NC Maxes truly enjoy.

    The biggest issue with Slugs is actually the same issue I have with all MAX weapons-- We have CoF bloom and absolutely no visual representation. The trick with using slugs is to CROUCH. (Almost nobody knows that Maxes benefit from crouching.)
  4. Psykmoe

    Slug Scattercannons are a decent substitute for Mattocks because slug guns use the hipfire stats it seems, which are identical on those two guns. Mattocks will still be better on moving targets because Mattock slugs are much faster.

    On the other hand, most of my targets don't move, they go 'lol shotguns' and then just stand/crouch 20-30m away and think they have time to do some damage before I become a threat.

    They're wrong.

    Anyway, if you own Scatters but not Mattocks, just try slugs for 2x150 certs, fairly cheap. These two can also be mixed without too much problem since outside of velocity they perform identically with slugs.
  5. siddar

    201 damage is what causes what you're calling a headshot indicator to appear. Most infantry weapons will on exceed 201 damage with a headshot. Slugs have well above 201 damage so will show that indicator every hit unless range damage drop off reduces it to bellow 201 damage.
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  6. Epic High Five

    Minimum damage on a single slug is >201 damage. The indicator pops when you break their shields. Often times, a headshot will do this with a lot of guns, although a headshot may do it on its own, I'm not sure.
  7. Pikachu

    Has anyone instagibbed someone with MAX slugs ever? In VR 2 slugs from MAX AV weapons or regular shotguns are enough to kill if the target is within ~10m just like with pellet shells. For regular shotguns I think I have experienced this but never with MAX. I always have to press the buttons twice.
  8. Psykmoe

    I've done it, but never count on it. It's 500 damage per slug at close range (can't be much more than that), so 2 slugs kill anyone without nanoweave or a HA shield active.

    Anyone with nanoweave will need two clicks. Of course, sometimes one or both slugs hit the head, and even with the shotgun's 1.5x headshot multiplier (try it, slug headshots don't oneshot VR dummies), hitting one regular and one headshot will do anyone in who isn't running a HA overshield at close range.

    I always expect two clicks anyway.

    Also, Grinders and Hacksaws have terrible moving accuracy so even at 10m they occasionally send one slug past the target. Scatters and Mattocks are a bit more reliable that way.
  9. Pikachu

    Yes I thought so that it was 1.5 multiplier. They seem to end up with half health left in VR and it's well known that they can't kill with headshot. How about changing that? :rolleyes:
  10. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    Nc without slugs = insta kill all under 10m. With slug = same range+accuracy as VS and TR MAX. Just lower bullets but much better dmg.
    So why the heck do they still have the same big crosshair like VS and TR with gatlings? Give NC shutter MAX a bigger or TR/VS with gatling a smaller crosshair.
  11. Van Dax

    I've used slugs on my vanu shotguns, they really aren't as accurate as you'd think.

    The cross hair thing is stupid, all max weapons should have their own cross hair that is properly indicative of COF.
  12. Pikachu

    Slugs are rather accurate. ;) But their velocity seems low. Can't hit anything that's moving. :oops: Anyway slugs on any shotgun seems to be as rare as phoenix users. I can't remember last time I was killed by a shotgun and it was at range where the player must have been using slugs and no pellet cluster was visible. I'm one of the odd players. Always funny when people stand there shooting my MAX from afar thinking that because I'm wearing shotguns on my arms I can't hurt them at that distance. They are wrong. :D
  13. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    I know it because i tried it.
    Yes they arent accurate. Try the TR Mutilator. They arent accurate too. Compared to slugs they have the same distance and accuracy. Just the difference with big clip+low dmg and small clip+ high dmg makes it equal.
    So the question for me is: why do they get the same big crosshair with a pumpgun than people with a gatling gun?

    The only disadvantage is that they have to swap their loadout at the terminals. But the gatling users doesnt even have this option.

    0 bullet drop 4 tw with shotguns -.-^^

    sry grammar problems^^
  14. Van Dax

    Oh I know that the other guns aren't really all that accurate either (I use double extended mag nebulae) its just that the high damage slow fire rate small mag and slow reload you kinda need high accuracy to balance it out/make it worth while. Of course each gun really does need a tailor made cross hair but I think they didn't do it because you can equip two different guns and they'd have to make a more complex system.
  15. Blackinvictus

    Ive been pretty happy with my set up. Slugged ext mag hacksaw and the left arm and slugged scatter on the right for back up. I think I am going to take the slugs off because as somebody above stated I do seem to miss more than I care for at close range.

    Are straight grinders worth certing into?
  16. llPendragon

    The problem is that slugs from a MAX aren't as accurate as ADS, so you'll need to fire more to get enough hits. Add that to the convergence problems, and you'll find the skill floor is awfully high. Slow reload times, expensive attachments, and only situational use make the Slugs a very poor investment too. Not to mention the 350 cost and other drawbacks of the MAX itself.

    I know some guys who used slugs before the 3 or 4 nerfs. The magazine change was the biggest loss for slugs, but they also lost some ROF, accuracy, reload time, and I think even some minimum damage. Mattocks and Scattercannons used to be the most popular slug guns. They enjoyed the "challenge" of a high skill item, but they're not masochists. They gave them up when they got out-classed by pistols. ;)
  17. KnightCole

    So mattocks r the default exmag guns? I had thpught about buying these up with some sc, certing into some suit gear, prolly nar given my lonewolvieness.

    Ive vrd them a little but have mixed feelings about max guns in general. They seem overly chainguns included.
  18. siddar

    After some testing I have come to the view that my original view that slugs are crap for NC max was in fact a understatement.

    Slugs have a large CoF when fired from a max they are simply not reliable as a ranged weapons. You give up damage per shot and you still miss most of the time after ten meters because of the large CoF.

    Regular shotguns and slugs work differently then NC max shotguns, Using slugs on a regular shotgun will reduce shotguns CoF targeting circle by about half. Stacking slugs with laser will result in a very small CoF for a normal shotgun that makes hip firing slugs very viable at close ranges. The key difference between normal shotguns and NC max shotguns is ADS (aim down sight) Slugs in ADS are extremely accurate and allow the use of a shotgun as a semi sniper rifle. They can simply plink away and kill people at 150 metters with 2-3 hits depending on if shooter can land a headshot are not.

    NC max shotguns simply don't get the CoF reduction attachments that regular shotguns do and most importantly they can not use ADS to increase accuracy at range.

    Slugs for any of the NC max shotguns is a waste of time at this point.
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  19. Spets

    Yup only good nc max weapon \m/
  20. ShunYu

    I don't know how you use your MAX. But I play with the slugs last three months and get kills at 30-50 meters easily. And it is only Scattercannon+Grinder, I think that if I'll start play with the double slug-Mattocks my results will get better.