Triple SC > Everyone has AA MAXes > ESF is unplayable

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Thades, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Thades

    Before yesterday when the triple SC hit, ESFs were doing alright by my standards. I never really thought they needed nerfing to begin with but some people QQed pretty hard about it. However, since the triple station cash went into effct, about half of any group of infantry is now in an AA MAX. Even glimpsing groups of infantry now results in immediate death.

    I tried just keeping to smaller scale fights, but it didn't help at all. With a squad of 12 infantry, at least 5 were playing AA MAXes, and shooting down every aircraft to come in sight (8 or so scythes, 3 liberators). I suppose it's the same crowd that came to these forums to ***** about ESF balance to begin with. In any case, my scythe is getting shelved for now as getting instantly blown up before you can see what's shooting you is just a ludicrous sense of 'balance'. I really hope something will be done, at least with draw distance very soon.
  2. bPostal

    So you're done playing Air jockey? Good. That's one down.
    Does render distance need to be fixed? Yes.
    Am I enjoying this little bit of schadenfreude? Hell yeah.
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  3. T0rin

    Yeah, I'm usually an ESF pilot, but last night I bought a second burster and joined a group of 10 other dual burster maxes and just camped warpgates. I think the novelty of it will fade soon enough, but it will at least give the devs a glimpse of what the game will become.

    Everyone who said AA was underpowered and useless is just plain dumb. These things are ridiculous. We were fragging scythes in less than a second, taking down liberators before they could even turn around to return to the warpgate. Mind you, we had 10 of them, but in a more reasonable scenario, you should still put a whipping on aircraft.
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    Triple SC>everyone has rocket pods and daltons/zepher>ground combat is unplayable

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  5. Morpholine

    You could have used 10 LA and shot them down in the same time period with your carbines...

    Just sayin'
  6. HadesR

    Seem's to be working fine to me ..

    Everyone said " Don't complain about rocket pods l2p and counter them " ... So people have GG :p
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  7. T0rin

    Rofl, no you could not have.
  8. f0d

    im a pilot - im having 0 issues

    if anything its the sky that are full of ESF
    im starting to think we need traffic controllers up here - its thick with ESF in the air
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  9. Dhart

    So 11 of you all in a bunch... wow, that's 'overkill' for any one plane. I can't think of any weapon that used x11 can't be deadly to a single target... or many.

    That said I blew $45 with Wal-mart cards today... I can afford a pair myself. Better get in game and enjoy it while it lasts!
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  10. Wibin

    ahahaha, the players figured out how to stop the mass air attacks, now they are all mad cause they are loosing.

    Guess you guys are going to have to spend points on other things now.

    Booo Hooo.
  11. Sabreur

    I've been playing a bit on both sides - ESF and Burster MAX. Both are fun, and things feel a bit more balanced now. Scattered, uncoordinated AA is weak, massed and coordinated AA is strong. Flying ESF requires a bit more strategy now - going low and slow right at a defended position is suicide. You have to scout a bit to find where the air cover is weak, and pick targets off then. The days of slowly hovering over a base rocket-spamming are done (and there was much rejoicing).

    Maybe the experience is different per server, but I think it's a bit early to declare that ESF is broken.
  12. Thades

    To all of you morons that have and will inevitably remark that I'm a rocket pod noob, keep in mind that I've spent less than 10% of my time in-game in a scythe. I have 7600 kills as Light Assault, and 600 with my Scythe.

    Troll elsewhere, some of us play a variety of roles and would like to see the game balanced in general so everyone can enjoy it more.
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  13. Wibin

    7600 kills? do you ever go to sleep?
  14. Tasogie

    On Briggs, all Vanu do is spam tanks, they never use infantry of any kind. All TR do is aimbot (some) and spam planes. But they do use infantry for the aimbotting.
    (not a wind up) on our server most of the hacks seem to come from TR for some reason.
    Or though saying that, there was a flying Magrider last night killing galaxys.

    So your lucky, when you fight vanu on my server, your generally faced with 20 Magriders an Zero infantry. Its Very rare to see a Vanu Max of any kind.
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  15. Dahak

    So let's get this straight. Using 22 guns you were able to kill aircraft quickly?

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  16. Thades

    Kills takes some people longer than others, I guess.
  17. f0d

    i dont think anyone has said you are a rocket pod noob?
    this thread has been pretty civil so far
  18. QuantumMechanic

    Seriously, guys. The pro-air and anti-air b*tching is officially as bad as the my faction's weapons are worse than your faction's weapons b*tching. But it's all b*tching just the same.

    Quit yer b*tching and try some different playstyles. Try the other factions.
  19. Zakuak

    Wooha, glad the ground grunts are using the resources available, I love my AA MAX, well, until some LA stuffs me with C4 as I am staring up at the sky....

    Go get em boys!
  20. Bill Hicks

    OMG this the only time I see VANU infantry is when they need to line up for a platoon picture
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