Tried new server (EU): Night and day.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Earthman, Jan 18, 2014.

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  1. Earthman

    Yes, this is another personal experience with subjective evidence. No, I'm not going to respond to another "FRAPS or it didnt happen LOL" forum warrior with anything but a rude gesture at the monitor.

    Your experience may be different. So, here is mine.

    I got a message yesterday from someone I didn't recognize, but felt the same way about the proliferation of scripts/cheating in PS2. So, he had a rather simple suggestion: since 95% of the script traffic from the site he investigated was going to US servers, he suggested trying an EU one.

    And so I did. And what a difference it has made.

    Sure, population seems noticably smaller. But for the 8 hours or so I set aside to try the new server, the experience was like night versus day.

    I ended on a K/D ratio of 2, used very few vehicles and almost entirely Light Assault during the duration. I've been called a terrible player by Forumsiders so to me the change, especially on a totally new certless character, seems fairly signifigant. That's especially true considering how long and often I went directly into harm's way, stagedived crowds around sunderers and did other reckless (and fun!) things that seemed a lot more possible than before. I'm imagining a lot less use of ESP there.

    Machine guns were used a lot, and they missed quite a bit. Sure, people were killed, but with bodyshots, me included. The "LMG headshot sniper at 100+ meters" thing simply didn't exist here.

    No one shooting out from inside hills or inside walls. At all. If it was my connection or some other excuse like that that I was offered here on the forum, apparently my connection behaved for 8 hours and I saw not a single example of this geometry funny stuff.

    Vehicles exploded when they were hit, especially by anti-vehicle weapons. No one ploughed into a tank formation and nudged through it (like what happened a week ago) and Halberded the sunderer to death and drove off. Must take elite MLG pro skillz to deflect tank shells while driving a Harasser or something. :rolleyes:

    So one obvious conclusion: As much as I'll miss the certs and unlocks I got on my old server (Connery), so far I've been quite pleased with the one I tried (Ceres).

    I'm fully expecting a lot of "mad cuz bad" forum warrior spittle. Thing is, I was apparently "less bad" on Ceres. So that's fine by me.
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  2. JasonVoorhees

    You think cheating is bad on NA servers?
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  3. Earthman

    Yes, yes I do.

    For my personal experience on Ceres (EU) for a good portion of the day (8 hours or so) that I spent trying the server out, it felt like some trip back in time to when Connery used to have GM presence and the funny stuff and script kiddies seemed to only come out very late at night.

    To be more exact, I didn't see ONE, not ONE, example of anything I could consider even possible cheating. Being killed is fine, being sniped is fine (especially when it's with a damn sniper rifle, not an LMG that also killed the two people next to me). Losing is fine, winning is better. The important thing is it seemed like a fair contest.
  4. Commissar Penitus

    I took a peek into Ceres, and yeah it seems less populated, but for my time on the server I didn't see nearly as much suspicious crap than I saw on Connery. I put in about 6 hours and maybe all the crap I had to put up with on Connery made me better prepared for dealing with people unassisted by scripts.

    I'm still not that good of a player, I think, but it was definitely an improvement. It's refreshing to get shot at and not have consistent constant headshots landing on me. Or to cloak and sneak up on someone without them spinning around and quickscoping in a split second. Or to have a vehicle blown up by C4 that belonged to someone that was across a canyon that I spotted across that canyon a second before it happened.
  5. JasonVoorhees

    I got a 75 on Mattherson. during prime time alerts I sometime go 50-1 streaks.

    After alerts and late at night early morning i go on 1-50 streaks.

    Players not dying, perfect aim, you know the drill so yeah I hear yah.

    Re-rolling a 75 would be very painful though.

    Also, why would EU not cheat and NA cheat? Both have same access to hacks right?
  6. Commissar Penitus

    Reading the OP, I think he said that cheater traffic was lower according to some guy visiting the website. Yeah, he says he was told "95% of the script traffic was going to US servers". Not sure if that can be verified, but I poked into Ceres for similar reasons, to be more exact because I was sick of the crap on Connery, and yes there seems to be quite a difference.
  7. Earthman

    It might be a cultural thing, related to server proximity.

    Not many people in North America would want to make a character on EU servers, due to differences in connection speed and integrity. Also, these servers are usually less populated.

    But whatever the reason, I suspect the "win at any cost and show off your K/D ratio and teabag everyone you aimbotted" attitude may have a largely American cultural focus. I'm certain rotten immature gamers exist overseas, but it's definitely a higher concentration here in the states.

    Oh speaking of teabagging, didn't get teabagged once in my Ceres adventure. It was almost stiffly polite, even too polite. But I'll take it.
  8. JasonVoorhees

    Interesting. I wonder if EU does not have access to cheats, do no believe in cheating, or just do not care to?

    Cheats are terrible on mattherson, worse than connery TBH.
  9. Earthman

    I'm pretty certain cheating is possible on Ceres, and it does happen somewhere at some time.

    I didn't see it. At all. In fact I didn't even see the questionable stuff I mentioned before, at all, whether I could prove to Forumsiders whether it was cheating or not. Guns hit people, missed, and occassionally shot heads. Sniper rifles hit heads, but sometimes, gasp, missed. No one was crawling around in floors or in walls or terrain, and so on.

    It shows me that there's definitely a difference here, especially after a solid visit to the server. I might want to stay.
  10. JasonVoorhees

    Oh yeah BTW be prepared for a bunch of L2P, you suck, your pc sucks, your connection sucks, and nobody cheats in PS2 . :)
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  11. Earthman

    I wonder how many of the "hurf blurf cheats don't happen in this game ur mad becuz bad" Forumsiders that refuse to believe that someone is buying the scripts for sale online with only a google search away, are from Mattherson. Or Connery for that matter. For all I know I just walked out of a bad neighborhood.
  12. Earthman

    Haha! Thanks for the warning. :)
  13. St0mpy

    before you get stuck on ceres reroll on miller, its the EU server to be on
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  14. Earthman

    What's so good about it? I'm not terribly skeptical, I just picked Ceres on a whim.

    I'm suspecting now that any EU server will have a lot less getting shot through walls, headshotted at 100m with autofire from LMGs, people popping up out of hills and through floors script kiddery. It really must be a cultural difference or something: One side of the ocean "We want to play a game" and the other side "OMG MUH K/D RATIO L2P SCRUBZ MUST ALWAYS WIN WIN WIN WIN", I think.
  15. St0mpy

    Its where all the old PS1 outfits shacked up on launch and has been said its better organised and a higher skill level - ofc theres no way to prove that but we know SOE modelled all the others on it, if you have no real ties to ceres give it a try.
  16. Redshift

    Miller is more populated, the old serious ps1 outfits went there, there is a noticeable skill difference between miller and woodman, I'd assume the same would be true for Ceres,
  17. Earthman

    What some might call "skill difference" might also possible be partially "script-user density".

    Look at Connery: self-declared MLG pro skillz server, and exactly the one I've been migrating from.
  18. Earthman

    Thanks for the input, anyhow. I just might, though I thought Miller was a North America server.
  19. BloodyG

    Primetime we always have good fights all over Indar/Esamir so no pop prob and with double XP yesterday, i even had to wait for joining Esamir while alert was going on, on Amerish. Every weekend should be a double XP weekend.:)
  20. Redshift

    Personally i don't see much low level cheating on miller, we had some obvious cheaters on over Christmas but that was because some went on holiday and didn't bother to think about policing the servers.
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