Triage pulse thoughts? Medic tips. Ty.

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by xLluisett, Apr 25, 2023.

  1. xLluisett

    What do you think about the triage pulse of the terran medics,It is any good? Is better or worse than the regeneration basic skill? Because i will start a new terran character in June when i had my new ps5,and i like playing as a medic,also i want to know the combat medics class veterans here,what do you do in a gunfight in an open field if any ally is dead nearly? Ress him and risk yourself to die later or stop and wait for a better situatión to ress the ally with the chances of being blamed of not ress him after die,hence you are bad medic and all trashtalk he/they will say?

    Assuming you already used the ress grenade (i have this grenade on all my medic history of planetside 2) and you need to move to the corpse to ress with the healing/ressing tool?
  2. Liewec123

    its worse, there aren't many cases in which it would be better.
    it needs either more healing or a lower cooldown if it is supposed to be a viable alternative to the standard aoe heal.
    unless it gets patched in the future, just stick with the standard heal.
  3. xLluisett

    As i thought,too much cooldown. Maybe in the future dbgs lower the cooldown. And also put demeter shield,hermes cloak and the repair drones to all factions. Or just dbgs break their brains to surprises us with new faction class skills. I say in a good way.
  4. xLluisett

    I personally from all new faction skills i prefer the demeter shield,is like an aegis shield from other games. Good idea to put to the game this skill. But sadly is for nc only.