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  1. Scataloni

    Do you ever do anything other than C4 Tanks? I never see a gun in your hands, just C4 and dropping it on tanks as you fly over. It must be your preferred play style because its so easy to do.

    C4 is already out of control but you and Chico Jack have taken it to a new lvl of stupid. I don't have any more friends playing because of C4 and I hope something is done about it soon.

    You can't even have an armor battle without an LA drop podding in behind you and C4ing your tank.
  2. Fned

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  3. Ronin Oni


    More tankers whining about C4... it's so hilarious.

    Tankers... who farm infantry for hours get taken out and complain because it obviously must be unfair.

    I've never been C4'ed and NOT blamed myself for allowing it to happen.

    I also don't die to C4 in a tank very often.
  4. VSDerp

    wow you gonna let a guy really get under your skin like that? just because he c4 tanks. if he does it so much than you should be aware. hell whenever i see a LA flying over i get the hell out my tank and shoot that sneaky fker.
  5. ghnurbles

    Your own play is at fault if you find yourself frequently dying to infantry with C4. Chances are you're driving your tank in too deep, try to position youself further back from the fight. If you're still having problems then get a secondary gunner who will keep an eye out for you OR get prox radar and frequently check the mini-map OR frequently switch to third person to keep an eye on your surroundings.
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  6. TheArchetype

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  7. Kylsix

    Ah, I love seeing these posts.
  8. Jonesing25

    Lol, yeah, when is the last time you drop podded a tank in behind an infantry line and obliterated them?
    The problem here is being able to drop pod in behind enemy lines. Drop podding is supposed to get you to the action faster, not drop you behind enemy lines.
  9. Babaganoush

  10. Outlier

    FTFY: I don't have any more friends playing because I incessantly b*tch about stupid stuff in video games.
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  11. Van Dax

    Now I'm not going to lie it sucks when you're in an armour vs armour battle and are totally kitted out for AV and then a light assault jumps out of an esf to drop c4 from a mile up.
    Most of the time though its entirely driver error for the c4-ing
  12. DeadOnArrival

    So let me get this straight....
    • You can move >2x as fast as this LA
    • You can 1 shot him with a direct hit no matter the weapon
    • You or even a nearby tank can have a radar on your vehicle that will let you see him
    I am not saying you are bad, I am not even implying it, but he's outmaneuvered you and getting you dead to rights. C-4 HAS to be strong or non HA/max infantry poses no threat to a tank.
  13. kologa

    Go Go Smed deploy!
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  14. Anivex

    Hahahaha, damn I wish I was good enough to have a hate post!
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  15. TRGobliviion

    OMG Smedd's so horrible for using real tactics to kill people....
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  16. Tommyp2006

    C4 is just something you gotta watch out for as a tanker. I used to die to it a lot, but these days, if I'm not actively shooting at something, I'm in 3rd person view, helps a lot. Just gotta have better situational awareness when not in an open field. As much of a pain as it is, it's something we're just gonna have to deal with, because it'll never get changed.