TRAP feels like it's in a nice place now, BUT...

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by salembeats, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. salembeats

    The recoil is MUCH more manageable in this latest patch, and I can see this as a viable weapon now, BUT...

    Still bugged scopes?

    Equipping any scope (except IR or 6X, since they're overlays) results in no scope appearing when ADS.

    Curious as to where the scope went?
    Equip a scope to your TRAP, ADS, and then immediately switch to your Recon Darts. That's where the TRAP's scope went (which reminds me, it'd actually be nice to have functional scopes on the recon dart gun, now that I think about it...).

    Hard to really test how viable this weapon is when the scopes I plan on using with it don't work...
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  2. DrTeeth

    The recoil has not changed since yesterday. The only changes I've noticed are an updated description and one extra magazine in reserve. I think the gun still has issues with recoil, DPM, ammo reserve and I still dislike this concept of balancing the gun as if the extra fire-modes is a positive thing.
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  3. Dragonblood

    well, it looks kinda cool like an experimental weapon. Maybe I cert it like the TS-Inquisitor because of it.
    They can't make it much worse that that crappy SOAS, we've got, can they?
  4. salembeats

    If you say so, I guess I did better with it today.

    I tried it in another live-fire situation this morning (while testing the voice macros against enemies), but this time I had a 6x scope attached (In my last live-fire test, I hadn't realized that IRNV/6x worked properly, and hadn't attached them). Maybe having a functional scope made the difference for me.

    On the other hand, still feels like considerably less recoil -- probably half of what I remember from my last test. Not too tough to fire a tight grouping in 2-round burst right now at the same kind of ranges you'd find yourself using a SABR.
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  5. ISKNausicaa

    From what i experianced the recoil has indeed been lessened, you couldnt really use the weapons X3 burst outside of 25m as of the latest patch it is usable up to 50m, the recoil is more managable and the shots land much closer together.

    A simple comparison is to look at the recoil of single shot compared to X2 and X3, in the previous patch burst modes first shots imitated the single shot in terms of recoil (they jumped by a similar amount)

    In this patch the burst fire mode recoil are visibly lower than the single shots, single shot actually stood out like a sore thumb as the weakest of the three modes now.
  6. salembeats

    I still feel that the single-shot has a purpose -- ammo conservation. When you feel confident that you can take out a weakened target with a couple of well-placed bullets, you can use it as sort of a "super emperor" without eating up this weapon's limited ammo pool.
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  7. DrTeeth

    I've been measuring the recoil of each mode for the last two patches using the squares at the back of the 50m ranges and the IRNV scope. The recoil has not changed with this latest patch.

    For each mode the recoil is:

    2 round burst: 1st shot recoil (larger then normal due to modifier) + 2nd shot recoil (normal) applied together after the 2nd shot is fired.

    3 round burst: 1st shot recoil (larger than normal due to modifier) applied after 1st shot, normal recoil applied after the 2nd and 3rd shots.

    1 round: 1st shot recoil (larger than normal due to modifier) applied after first shot.

    In order of deviation from the point of aim, the 3 round burst is largest, followed by the 2 round burst, and then 1 round as you would expect.
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  8. DrTeeth

    Actually the single shot mode will end up wasting ammo as each shot has to be aimed and timed independently. You're better off (unless the target is > 100m away and AFK) using one of the burst modes and compensating for the recoil as it fires.
  9. ISKNausicaa

    Hmm could you chuck some evidence of this up, I've been using the target ranges in each of the patches to measure the effectiveness of the different modes, in the last patch it wasn't possible to use the x3 burst effectively at 50m, in this patch it is.

    it could be that it is simply down to how manageable the burst recoil is, but something has changed.
  10. BarxBaron

    As much as I've whined about this seemingly out of place gun (why use over SOAS?).....

    If they:

    1. EIther improvie the Semi Auto Recoil (1 shot) to be managable to make mulitple quick shots
    2. Get RID of the 1 shot burst all together and buff our ammo

    I'd think the gun might be USABLE instead of just pure trash.

    I still cannot make a real non emotional assessment UNTIL they add the damn scopes in. I think this gun may grow on me if I can see it used with a 3.4x or a 4x scope..........right now I just have to imagine the dot lol

    Why do they leave this gun so unfinished when we're so close to gun release.

    Of all facs TR should of been the MOST finished, with the most polish and interesting abilities, considering this factions "ES = NS" weapon neglect on nearly all important ES weapons.

    It's like they aren't EVEN TRYING anymore. I swear they specifically chose the name of the gun as a middle finger to the TR community as a whole XD
  11. Kieladar

    I believe the weapon is not really.. unique at all. Course, the Railjack is just another bolt action, but at least it is improved compared to the others (Higher Bullet velocity, easier to take down further targets). The VS ESR has a visible skill cap between alternating the charged shots to single shots to not overheat the weapon. The TRAP feels like a glorified SOAS. The NS rifle, as TR, is a worse HSR-1 to me (And whatever faction equivalent there is on NC/VS).

    I can't really offer any different suggestions to the design of the TRAP. It's ALRIGHT as it is, but nothing that I want to pick up immediately and use it forever.
  12. Ash87

    Played with the weapons last night.

    Trap: Okay. It's a sidegrade, I'm not wild about burst weapons, but this one isn't bad. I'd pick it up, but I don't engage at medium range with infils, so I'll probably stick to stalker cloak, or a sniper rifle. That isn't to say it's bad, it just doesn't fit my playstyle +1

    Shade: I've said a long time, this is probably one of my favorite weapons. It has a unique firing mechanic, a unique look, and fills 2 roles really well. It's in a perfect place, +1.

    NS Rifle: It's a NS rifle. It works, the firing animation is pretty cool, reload is neat... it's pretty accurate +1

    Railjack: It's just an upgraded bolt action. Not all that happy with this one, especially since the chamber time went down. Yeah, I can't get a straight pull for it, but it's still got a pretty quick rechamber time. There were plenty of ideas introduced as to how to make this into something that wasn't just Another BASR... but this is Just another BASR, unless there is some subtlety I am missing here. Since this is just another in a series of rifles of ascending power from the Bolt Driver, now up to the Railjack... I really just can Not support this weapon. It's not the power, it's not the feel, it's not even the look, it's just that this was a missed opportunity to give the NC something unique, and instead they just get another samey weapon totally indistinguishable from the others they already own. -1
  13. DxAdder

    The Trap is ok... it's nothing special and of the three weapons the TR got the short end of the stick.

    I would have preferred to see a 2 round burst and a SMG auto mode, that would have been something I would buy.

    This version of the Trap I'm going to pass on, I have enough mid rang weapons as it is for my TR character.
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  14. salembeats

    I will be picking up this gun, will look forward to being the first to Aurax it, and will tell everyone about how I finished wounded targets behind cover regularly by using the semi-auto mode. Already did that kind of thing when I was getting the medals on the pistols.
    It will be a nice way to eke out a few extra kills in a life without aggravating this gun's biggest drawback (low ammo reserve).