Transfers from West to East Coast Server, Possible?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DeusExForever, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. DeusExForever

    When I started playing PS2, the one East coast server wasn't online (showed offline).

    Now that there is a East coast server, is it possible to transfer to it, instead? Especially since you will lose all your gear if you have to start anew, and I had no choice but West and AU to play on.

    I have 100mbit broadband, but the latency to the West coast is unbearable (e.g., too many both getting killed scenarios; and even with plenty of lead time the shots don't register). It's no better than playing on an AU server (which probably is in LA, too).

    Spent yesterday floating around, like the latency peaked (or worse, packets were dropping at a very unacceptable rate -- and it only happens with PS2. Even EQ2 didn't drag like this at 150ms to the LA datacenter. Only comparison I have for it is 7 years ago with F.E.A.R. multiplayer on 600ms Russian servers).

    My hardware isn't shabby (can multibox with 3 clients in WoW with <77ms to the LA datacenter. Atlanta Internap datacenter for a gameserver, it's 17ms. NJ datacenter, 22ms. Perth, Australia itself shows <237ms). Router and modem are DOCSIS 3.0 as well.

    Can those that started the game play on the appropriate latency servers now and without the ungodly expense, as I had no choice what server to pick but 2 at the time -- and none that was even 1000 miles away!
  2. Inex

    Well, considering that the east coast only just recently consolidated down to one server you can't possibly have that much time invested in your current character, maybe just start a new one on Emerald?
  3. Liam23490

    Hit detection is client side. This means that if you hit them on your screen, they take damage.

    It's not lag that's preventing you from hitting people, it's your skill level.

    And sorry, but you can't transfer between servers. Sucks I know, seems like such a basic feature.
  4. DeusExForever

    I have too much invested (8 months of 500 SC time) in my toon to start anew.

    Too much to make a new one.

    Too much to spend more just to transfer because the East coast server remained offline when I joined.

    The issue here is, if you didn't have a choice of servers to pick that is in the US to begin with, it behooves SOE to allow such a transfer.

    100mbit internet and floating in a game 2000 miles away in the US, is totally unacceptable. I play WoW with 3 clients to the LA datacenter without problems. 1 client of PS2 plays like those 600ms Russian F.E.A.R. servers 7 years ago.

    PS2 is unplayable like that.
  5. DeadliestMoon

    It seems basic, but I guess it's one of those, "you've made your bed, now you have to lay in it," type of situations.
  6. DeusExForever

    @Liam, wrong.

    If you bother to read, you'd see past your own biases.

    PS2 is a new game, right?

    It's a FPS, right?

    It's totally unacceptable to float in ONE game that's new.

    Don't have that issue with WoW (LA datacenter <77ms). 10 year-old game.

    Don't have that issue with EQ2 (LA datacenter <150ms). 10 year-old game.

    Don't have that issue with EvE (unless they lock and divert nodes, but that's game wide, all are affected). 12 year-old game.

    Don't have that issue with BF3 (as I could choose location). 3 year-old game now.
  7. Simferion

    Do you know that weapons are account-wide if you bought them with SC?
  8. DeusExForever


    Well, I can post about it here for a reasonable reply, as a video or blog post about the issue won't be good PR otherwise.

    The issue is: only 2 servers existed West coast and AU for players when I joined. No East coast server was functioning.

    That has zero to do with a player (and blaming players for things beyond their control is really sad sack BS -- and don't claim you're a loyal booster while doing it, too).
  9. Liam23490

    I never talked about floating. I never said what caused floating.

    Now if you learned to read, you would see that I discussed hit detection and server transfers.
  10. DeusExForever

    I've been playing videogames literally since Pong. PC games since Enterprise/Moonlander. Internet games since MuDs.

    Server admined a few games, as well.

    Now just drop that ball.

    And read.

    Don't assume folks are 15 year-old nubs.

    I am talking about capital latency, which is the result of high pings (and/or packet dropping), caused by being on the wrong server to begin with (SOE offered West coast, I didn't pick it as a choice).

    PS2, like any FPS game (and I played the client side games, like BF2142, and understand the difference between both it and server side hit detection [why I even mentioned it]) if the latency is >100ms it will be a dismal experience.

    But I didn't have a choice to play on an East coast server (which I choose, unless it's a foreign game or maps are only on specific servers).

    PS2 didn't offer that, the server remained in bright red text like your own as OFFLINE.

    PS2 now has an East coast server.

    Thus, can it be possible that East coast players who didn't have the choice by creation date can have that chance?

    Something SOE to answer, as this is an SOE PS2 forum.

    Not boosters who aren't doing a good job at PR from the start. -_-