Transfers away from Waterson?

Discussion in 'Waterson (US East)' started by Shifting, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Shifting

    Are many VS planning on leaving Waterson when the transfer tokens are available?
  2. Argg

    Not that I've heard.
  3. Kastrenzo

    I was actually thinking of transfering my vanu alt TO waterson since I have no one to play with on Jaeger that I know

    although, no offense intended to those who play on it, waterson seems to be a pisshole IMO, Its constantly zerged by X team, and its the only one I've ever encountered glitchers and hackers in great numbers on

    Nothing like having 40 people mowed down in a spawn room by someone 200M away in a Prowler Vulcan shooting through walls
  4. ({x})Kyoji

    I know XoO is staying. I imagine others will be as well. Waterson is one of the few servers that isn't filled with total dicks and manages to organize some super massive events that are very fun.
  5. Slyguy65

    Super massive events....

    Ya that only ever take place on indar...i wouldn't call holding a continent with your entire faction especially with the advantages the VS warpgate have on indar, impressive at all.
  6. ({x})Kyoji

    The sweet sound of jealousy.

    If only we had 40+% of the population on every continent I imagine we would have all 3 continents on permanent lock. Don't blame Indar for TR's inability to mobilize it's massive over-populated force that makes playing TR ez-mode. What you can't do with skill you can try with numbers. Hey that should be the new TR motto!

    BTW in case you missed it both of the FNO events on Waterson were located OFF Indar. In the first event we warpgated TR and in the second we nearly warpgated the NC. Of course once the lowest population faction (VS) log off that is a different story. Sadly we don't have the population to be online 24/7.

    Furthermore, we are the only faction to old a continent for more than a week - hell we held it for over a month before losing it for 2 hours - then we took it back again. Also, we are the faction that has triple captured all 3 continents more than any other faction.

    I think the VS should get credit where credit is deserved. Your reservations about OP this and OP that aside we are organized albeit smaller that NC and TR zergs.
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  7. Wargrim

    It is obvious for anyone who actually follows it that VS has by far the best organisation and lowest pop on Waterson. We do not need Vs or NC bailing from Waterson, we need more of them to come in and help ballance out the pop a bit more. If the low pop factions ragequit, everything will just get worse.

    ( PS: I think this friday night, with even and maxed pops on Esamir, we from the TR showed that we can also put up a damned good fight even when not outnumbering everyone else. )
  8. Haterade

    Can we ever have a thread about Waterson which doesn't turn into "VS is the only skilled faction in the entire history of PS2?" VS seems organized, yeah, but a lot of their Indar lock has to do with ARC Bio Engineering. Many, many times during their month of holding Indar they were down to one base: ARC. It's way too easy for them to turtle there and break the momentum of any rush so they can pull guys from other continents to Magrider zerg their way back into Indar.
  9. SmellyBoots

    The TR have the same advantage behind their warpgate as well. Hell I might even go to say it a better spot as their land is completely flat while arc has a hill which makes it harder to see things coming up the side
  10. ({x})Kyoji

    Like the guy above said the TR get their own "arc bio" as well. The difference really comes into play as the VS managed to hold Indar for more than a week without anyone really pushing it. So anytime someone does we all fall back to defend it. This means in order to take Indar you need to steal it on some really off hours or take it from the combined might of the VS.

    Keep in mind on other servers the TR and NC have held Indar for some time.

    I don't think anyone is saying Arc Bio doesn't contribute or help, but rather that the reason the TR are unable to take Indar, even with the huge disparity in population, is due to their inability to attack strategically. Again, arc bio is nice, but I would trade that any day of the week for 62% population.
  11. Gav7x

    i think i might be moving to connery or genuine, beign non tr on waterson hurts. massive ezergs.
  12. Oathblivion

    I sort of agree with the organization claim. Last night the NC were trying to defend Jaeger's Crossing and the VS pulled eleventy billion magriders on us. Honestly, it felt like facing this, or perhaps this. I'm more afraid of the VS than TR by a long shot on Waterson, to be honest.
  13. ritual

    Don't leave cause of the zerg! The zerg is your friend! You get XP for every kill and when the zerg rolls through it's like they're the bugs and you have the bug spray lol. I love fighting that massive TR zerg. Honestly 9 times out of 10 you can just walk right up to a TR sundy and kill everyone around it before they even notice you're there.

    We need more NC on waterson, the VS get tired of squashing bugs all day and the NC are usually a much more formidable opponent when they actually organize.
  14. Mac1

    This is the real reason you are planning on leaving... Team up some more, maybe next time you guys want to pull 2 v 1 you can ACTUALLY win the continent over!


    Heed my warning! We will not stop! We will not back down! We will not go softly into the night! You mind as well all transfer over, because if you can't beat us together, you sure as hell won't beat us alone!
  15. Mac1

    Your an traitor an coward
  16. Mac1

    Keep fighting! I will not let you down!
  17. WNxPlatinum

    We have no reason to leave waterson, it would be better served if we could balance the pop here but I like farming the TR and the NC put up one hell of a fight.. Love seeing the 40 or so GALS friday night.. Waterson is here to stay.

    Waterson is here to stay
  18. Kastrenzo

    Lol.. I remember you, you invited me to an outfit back in Beta,
    Didn't you play TR during the beta?
  19. Mac1

    Mac has many eyes, and many faces... However, My training with the TR has been competed and finished as of the Beta. My allegiance lies to the NC and my followers! Good to meet you again, and glad you remember me! = )

    Who knows maybe some of the VS should come fight along my side!
  20. Reizod

    Nope, well... that's if they balance the lock-on rockets and fix the rendering distance in the looming patch update. If they don't, then I'll be transfering from the game itself.