Transferring original install to Steam?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MuffinsBorn, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. MuffinsBorn

    Is there anyway of doing this? Because as soon as it went live i downloaded it straight off SOE's site without even checking Steam. I would personally like to have it on steam because of the convenience, is there anyway to do this? I've tried an old method that I did with Blacklight: Retribution, which was to start the download and wait for the files to be created then copy + paste the files over, but now it seems the files aren't made until the download is complete, and the files are just stored in a "Downloads" folder until finished.
  2. Oselation

    Get Steam to start downloading it so it creates the files and reference then pause the download.

    Get your PS2 folder and copy the contents to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PlanetSide 2\

    Head back into Steam, go to your paused download, right click, Properties -> Game files -> verify integrity of game cache.

    Steam should then check the folder, realise most of it is now there (not sure how much the standalone and Steam differ) and skip to like 99% downloaded.
  3. MuffinsBorn

    That's the problem, It doesn't create the PS2 folder, ill just make the Planetside 2 folder and see if that works.
  4. MuffinsBorn

    Didnt work, when I tried verifying it seemed like it did one file then finished, and the download is still at 2%
  5. Twist

    I have not tested this but it very likely doesn't work - Steams install infrastructure and ours are completely different. However, you could try this: start the download on Steam, then exit the steam client. PS2 should be in your Steam directory under Steamapps\Common\Planetside 2. You can try copying the contents of your regular SOE planetside 2 directory to that directory, restarting steam, and unpausing the download inside Steam.
  6. Twist

    And I just realized while I had this thread open somebody else answered the same thing...which apparently doesn't work.
  7. Neovius

    When I was downloading the game the files were saving to steamapps\downloading folder
  8. MuffinsBorn

    So is there apparently no way to get it over to steam without just redownloading it flat-out?
  9. Ninja_Chameleon

    I have a solution! Create a folder in "steamapps\common" called 'planetside 2' (No caps!), transfer the files of your current installation to that folder in common you created. Then go to the steam page for PlanetSide 2, and start the download there. If it does what mine did, it will go through the first stage where it sets up the download, then go to 'Discovering Existing Files', where it will sit for ages loading it. Afterwards, it will need to download about 96.3 MBs, but it's much better than 9600 MBs. It's Similar to Twitch's, but actually discovers the files easier. Hope this helps.
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  10. Aznfeylo

    Can't you just go to Steam and click library, look down and you will see ADD GAME. Click that and click add non steam game. It will pop up a window and list the games you have on your computer. After doing so, you will find Planetside 2 in your steam library and you can start your game there. You will be able to tab + shift to open steam friend list and stuff like how your other steam game works.

    I'm assuming you want your steam chat to show you playing planetside 2 or you just want all the steam function while playing the game. either way, good luck!
  11. MisterFro9

    Tested it, works :)
  12. SirUrza

    You could do this, but then steam doesn't track fun stuff like play time and whatever other steam features might be available for PS2.
  13. Freyar

    Open Steam, look for "Planetside 2" in the store, install it. While it is downloading quit Steam and copy the existing folder to "planetside 2" under steam\steamapps\common.

    Start Steam again. Right-Click Planetside 2 in your games list and verify the cache (just in case there are Steam-Specific files in that build), then once that's done run PS2 and validate the cache in the Planetside 2 launcher.

    You WILL have to patch from whatever point Steam's build is, but it's much less than the full client.
  14. GoldSabre

    Brilliant solution, #9 and #13. Worked like a charm.
  15. LupusNoctu

    Worked for me as well.
  16. ThymeTheory

    this works even if you didnt complete the sony launcher download, i just put 3gig from my first download into a folder in steam and started the steam download now its only downloading 5.3GB, thank you so much! i hope this thread goes on to help many more!
  17. Xaxxus

    Confirmed that this is working. Weird that it wont find the files if the directory is named "Planetside 2" (with caps). Especially considering that's what steam names it on its own.

    EDIT: Scratch that, it doesn't work. Even though steam says that its discovering all files, it still wants to download 8 gigs (even if you close steam and validate the files)
  18. Hydragarium

    Then you did it wrong - same file structure, same files. Steam HAS to clear them as legitimate files if you moved the game correctly.
  19. Xaxxus

    Yep figured it out.

    Basically I had to re-download the game from steam and save a copy of the unpatched steam version.

    Hopefully now I can avoid these issues in the future.
  20. shinji144

    Is there any special remedy to doing the exact opposite, making the game not run through steam? IE, convert it to its normal standalone application.

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