Transfer token - East coast come to waterson if you are VS or NC.

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  1. Daedrick

    Hello everybody!

    Recently developers announced that there would be transfer token available in the market place. After reading that announcement I myself though about moving to Matterson from Waterson since its the most populated server on the east coast.

    Thing is, yesterday was pretty awesome on Waterson, NC is really becoming exeptionnaly good because we are always outnumbered. We held the zurvan AMP station agains't both VS and TR for the whole day. Not only that but VS had a hacker that was constantly clipping through the floor overloading our SCU and killing people in that room. Despite all the odds agains't us, we held it and the territories to our warpgate. I was really impressed by the NC yesterday(12/01/13).

    After that event, Im now not so fond of leaving my server, because I really find it quite awesome. There is never a shortage of target for the NC players. :)

    So, being the second mos populated server on the east coast, I invite anyone VS or NC wishing to move to a more populated server. As I already stated we have pretty experienced players in our rank, but we lack numbers.

    Most of the time the population is 30% for VS, 40+% for TR and 28+% for NC. You will get to fight TOTALBISCUIT and his goons while having the most skilled players by your side. Anyway, as you can see, we need to balance it out, so please, if you are either VS or NC and you are looking for a server, please consider Waterson over any other choice.

    Thanks for reading and GO NC!

    PS: If you are already on Waterson, Either NC or VS, please STAY, do no aggravate the problem.
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  2. Shockfrosted

    Both the NC and VS on Waterson have a large share of talented, fun players.
    Additionally, the numerical advantage of TR ensures a good fight at pretty much any time.

    I will personally move my VS over to Waterson, my NC is already there.
    Oh and you get to shoot me as well, since I play TR here. I may not be as famous as TB, but I'm certainly annoying enough to be worth shooting. :D
  3. AngryPlayer

    Once again the NC and VS plan to team up against the TR, so typical.
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  4. Uben Qui

    Where oppression is balanced by the business end of a Conglomerate gun.

  5. Daedrick

    What about you read my post, VS never fight along side us, always against. We are the true underdog, thats why we have such good players in our ranks. Read it again, perfect exemple in the OP.

    I only want more people to play with and against, and that in the most balanced environment, meaning balanced populations.
  6. Daedrick

  7. Quiiliitiila

    I've always wished there were some sort of treaty or truce system in place. I at many times have wanted to team up with our underdog blue brethren against the TR zergs.

    Any players moving over to Waterson for the TR and NC would be greatly appreciated.
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  8. The Funk

    No thanks.

    I'd rather not be seen in public with nerds in tights. No offense.
  9. Skadi

    waitwaitwait is waterson TB's server?
    if so thats where my NC is going...
  10. SongOfDiscord

  11. Daedrick

    Its been stated in the original post.
  12. Daedrick

  13. Skadi

    Sorry i didnt end up reading the entirety of the OP, that particluar post i quoted caught my eye and got me intrigued, this is def where my NC is going when we get cross acount items so i can delete my other TR and open a character slot.
  14. fastdak255

    My outfit (all 20 of us lol) are planning on moving to waterson with our VS. Might also move my NC, not too impressed with Connery.
  15. wowie

    Waterson is definitely the place to be. Server characteristics include, but are not limited to: Huge TR zergs, so no shortage of easy-to-kill targets to farm XP off of. Low pop, but high skill, NC, who are fun to fight against on the rare occasion that they decide to push west instead of pushing north, or decide to pull a mass cont-swap. VS here... are somewhere in the middle between the extremes.

    By the way. If you're VS on helios, and were there prior to the "empire showdown" promo, feel free to make a mass exodus to here.
    I've heard that you've received a mass influx of TKers and idiots ever since n00buscus started goofing off on your server.
  16. Quiiliitiila

    You forgot sexy, we're sexy nerds in tights :p
  17. ExarRazor

    i'm predicting a moderatly sized influx of nc/vs players to waterson from mattherson, for one reason only.

    i'll let you figure out why
  18. GImofoJoe

    I wish I chose the cheese cake Vanu, but I'm too invested in Terran.
  19. Fear The Amish

    Yeah come on over for the VS you have the Vanu Alliance that run massive operations to curb stomp the big TR outfits and take NC's icicle continent when we get bored. Also great community that does alot of player founded stuff.
  20. The Funk

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