[Suggestion] Transfer token and server pop unbalance

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by meucha, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. meucha

    Transfer tokens will certainly increase server pop unbalance, ie people will flock to the server where their faction has the advantage.

    Unless if...

    Transfer tokens are not "global" but per server. You would have "Transfer token to Miller", "Transfer token to Briggs", etc...

    Token cost would depend on your faction's daily average pop on the server you're transferring to. So if you want to get a transfer token on a server where your faction's daily average pop is :
    - Lowest pop : token is free
    - Middle pop : token is worth some SC (500 ? 1000 ?)
    - Highest pop : token is unavailable

    Token cost would be updated daily depending on the previous day connection stats. This way, faction pops would naturally balance over time on the popular servers. No trick, no forced merge: people would be encouraged to balance servers, but would still have a choice.
  2. meucha

    Shameless self bump, cause its the best suggestion ever.
  3. Jonas Wingren

    Well, at least a fix that perhaps could favor sales if the population want's to pay to actually play the free game.
    What's needed atm, with no delay, no costs, no sales: is merges... The population needs to go up. And with it, metagame improvements.
  4. meucha

    Merges, depends how it's done.
    Mergin a server with High TR pop, med VS pop, low NC pop with another one having the same profile will only result in more imbalance. And there are not that many servers in all regions to have balanced merging solutions everywhere.

    Besides that, i'm not sure merges will happen anytime soon. SOE paid for the hardware and bandwidth, and now they only hope that low pop servers will fill again after their performance and game balance fixes... Which shoud happen, or not.
  5. Submkt

    In addition to being able to transfer between servers, I would also like to have the option to be able to merge characters. For example, I originally created a VS soldier, and have since switched to NC. To clarify, any items unlocked/purchased and certs gained would merge to a single character.

    Similar benefits would apply as you have suggested. If you merge a character to a faction that has the lowest population on that particular server, it should be free, or cost the least to do so.

    I understand that it is my fault that I should have held off from purchasing items before deciding which faction I wanted to stay as. Nonetheless I am really disappointed with the item purchase model used for PS2.

    I know there have been rumors and speculation of purchased items being account based. (As I understand, this would mean any item purchased would be made available to the account holder regardless of what server they create a character on. However, as for unlocked weapons, it would still be limited to the faction it was originally purchased for.)

    I would much rather prefer if item unlocks/purchases were not only tied to the account, but to have the equivalent items made available to all factions created under that account. For example, if I purchased Weapon A as Vanu, the equivalent of Weapon A would be unlocked under my New Conglomerate and Terran republic character.

    As far as I know, there are only currently a few items that are saved per account such as the alpha squad pack, boosts etc.

    Compared to other free-to-play games, generally if you unlock/purchase an item, it is made available regardless of what team or faction you're on. Of course there are several exceptions to this general concept.

    I strongly believe the current free-to-play purchase model PS2 offers is extremely limited. The price to pay for items only to be made available per character is a bit steep in my opinion. I would be a lot more motivated to spend cash for SC to purchase items if they were NOT limited per faction, for one character, per class (excluding multi-class items).

    A major change like this would primarily benefit the players and potentially motivate more players to purchase SC. Of course it would require a lot of convincing for the execs at SOE to green light this system; I can only dream. Especially if players are content with purchasing $7 equivalent "side-grades" and other various items. As a business, might as well milk every dollar.