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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weterman, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Weterman


    3 tracks that follow eachother, each one for a team. The train produces rescources as it goes. It goes by itself, has a few auto turrets, and turrets that players can use.

    If a train is destroyed, it will take 20 minutes to respawn. The train has higher health than the vanguard. Can also auto repair.
    Train cars will have lower health than the engine, and each one would produce a certain amount of rescourse, so if destroyed, train can keep going, but it will produce less rescourses.

    When I say the tracks follow eachother, I mean they are beside eachother, they follow the same path.

    Just an interesting thought I'm putting out there.
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  2. customer548

    Well, i'd like to see this during Alerts. As a bonus.
    Destroy opponents' trains/Npc convoys then get a bonus. Protect yours.
    Those heavily armored trains would follow a random route acccross the map. Or just stay in each faction's territory.
    People would have to protect-destroy them and to coordinate.
    Perhaps would it bring back any interest for Alerts. Mine has definitly faded away.
  3. JohnGalt36

    This would be awesome, and potentially something useful for armor to do.
  4. WeRelic

    I like this idea. I think PS2 would greatly benefit from mobile objectives.
  5. cheesepuffs324

    hells yes, but the trains should have a **** ton of health.
  6. prahsrevliS

    Love the idea!!
    Railroads! me want!! wild wild west!
    Now THAT would be fun, an awesome addition.
  7. Reclaimer77

    I don't see how the train would survive unless you give it an obscene amount of HP. Being on tracks means it's route is predictable and known to all and it would be unable to avoid fire or take evasive action.

    What happens when a squad of engineers places 30 tank mines and/or C-4 on the tracks??
  8. Pfundi

    Give it a shield (so that a single tank basically cant take it out) and make it float on the railroad so mines dont hurt it. Were on Auraxis goddammit, be creative :D
  9. Hegeteus

    And cowboy hats! (in case its possible to rob the trains)
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  10. SarahM

    Nice idea, but wouldn't the trains just get lolpodded/dalton'd to death?
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  11. Nie_Tutaj

    Having trains be mobile bases would be really cool. Valkyries trying to drop players onto the train, both sides struggling to get to an objective that moves, etc. That would be awesome.
  12. Weterman

    mines could blow up if placed on tracks, like the vehicle spawn.

    It would auto repair as well.

    The train would have auto turrets on it. And there would be players to guard it too.