[Suggestion] Training Room: Enemies Moving in Line, Circle and Sidle

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ketenks, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Ketenks

    Hello Planetside. This is Ketenks and I'm a new player and new to fps pc pvp. These are certainly the toughest firefights I've ever been in and I love it. Now as a new player, I've seen that everyone gets thrown together: the great players and the small players. And I won't lie to you, I have a 0.4K/D. The learning curve is steep when you only have a second to find their head and get a kill before they do. And that's just them standing still!

    I'm still dialing in my settings and I need to be able to do that on the basis of how this game works. It's very hard for me to tell how sensitive I need everything to be when I can't take any time to find how far ahead I have to shoot with each gun to hit a moving target.

    That all being said, would the developers please consider implementing in the training room a few enemies running back and forth in a straight line over and over again, a few enemies running in circles both small and large circles, and a few enemies sidling back and forth both short and long sidles. I could actually train my guns for distance and motion now instead of distance only.

    This will greatly help me up the steep learning curve so I can make the most of this great game. It's been a great battle but I am getting tired of being killed right and left without any real means of changing my circumstance except to grind it out painfully and slowly. If I could dial in my settings then my progress would be that much more enjoyable.

    Thanks for listening and looking into implementing something like this to help the new guys out!
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  2. AtckAtck

    Although i am not against the idea of having moving practice targets, i think you greatly overestimate the usefulness.
    Those Bots surely then still won't do sudden movements, they will not suffer from bad connection or misplaced hitboxes.
    They won't do the left-right wonky dance or the "classic" medkit drugaddict bunny hopping.

    Every gun shoot slightly different, but the difference in performance often just comes down to having the better engagement range for your weapon.
    Some can be bursted longer than others before becoming inaccurate and so on.
    But in the End every gun is able to kill, don't let yourself be deceived by time to kill values. I perform way better with weapons that have a slower time to kill than what usually would be considered good.

    This game has a huge dependancy between fps and firerate. If you prefer high firerate guns, then make sure you are above 60 fps.

    And when it comes to fine tuning the mouse, i can only give you one advice. Don't change too often.
    You need a setting that makes it possible for you to flip 180° in the blink of an eye and still being able to do tracking of moving targets.
    Then you are fine.
    I myself play raw input, no accel at 2500 dpi for years now. In every game. Never change a running system.
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  3. Ketenks

    Good insights. I'm on a fairly poor laptop and I play the game at it's lowest settings; even render quality at the lowest. So I definitely need higher power guns as you say. Next, what level of sensitivity for your dpi?

    But as for all the extra nuances there are for human players that's what I will grind out. But I need to dial in each gun for a base type of motion, then I'll extrapolate from there. This will lessen the steepness of the learning curve no matter how you look at it. You always take one step at a time so training doesn't have to be exactly equal to the real thing. That's not what I'm asking for. If they could implement AI's then that would be cool but all I'm asking for is a simple moving target to shoot at. It would be easy to do.
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  4. AtckAtck

    I don't know, i think i never changed it. Cannot check right now, but if my memory serves me right, then it was something between 0.3 and 0.5.

    Like i said, the guns aren't that different in PS2, basically if you can keep yourself from doing autofire all the time, then you are good to go.

    Be patient, don't rush in, don't chase hurt targets. Let'em come to you.
    Observe and circumvent certain death trap areas, if you can't then leave the fight and start a new one elsewhere.
    This isn't an arena shooter, there are tactics that are similar and work, others don't.
    Always keep an eye on the population in your area. Leave underpopulated meatgrinders in favor of fairer fights.
    Get recursion statstracker, you can see the k/d of your enemies and lvl then. Don't fight vs high k/d veterans, they will outplay you.
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  5. Ketenks

    Awesome. I was wondering if there were mods for this game. How heavy is this program? I already run at the lowest settings so I expect that if it carries any weight then I will feel it when I play. I may not be able to use it but I've downloaded it and am looking through it.

    I am changing my sensitivity by a factor of 0.025 and for me there is a big enough difference. I've been testing the sensitivity for smoothness more than anything else. Because I play at the lowest settings, the crosshair wants to jump over instead of move seamlessly through each pixel to where I moved the crosshair. So to maximize smoothness I've had to increase my dpi to 5500 and then reduce the overall sensitivity to 0.15. In the very beginning I found that having higher sensitivity in the game led to greater and greater discontinuity in my crosshair path. I understood from the beginning exactly what you said, "Turn 180 degrees in an instant but still track moving targets." With all these low settings it's more difficult I think to get exactly that.

    But I'm glad for recursion stats tracker. I love stats.
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  6. Eternaloptimist

    Welcome to PS2! I am addicted to this game although only an average player with an average rig.

    The common advice about improving performance that I have picked up from various posts is:
    1. Raw mouse input enabled
    2. Reduce input lag enabled
    3. Mouse acceleration disabled
    4. reduce the number of audio channels significantly (default is 99 or something, mine is down to 20 now)
    5. reduce render range to suit your play style i.e. longer render range for vehicles and aircraft, but about 600 or so for infantry
    5. while aiming down sights, set your mouse movement so that you can turn 180 degrees with about 7 inches of mouse travel

    As to primary infantry weapons, I used to go for high RoF but I now run slower RoF weapons which have lower cone of fire or bloom (bullets don't spread so much as they travel any distance). This improves accuracy by removing at least one variable from trying to lead moving targets.

    The ultimate "tight burst" weapons are the NS weapons common to all factions - NS15M (LMG), NS11A (assault rifle) and NS11C (carbine). But there are some empire specific weapons with similar characteristics. VS d=faction weapons are generally more accurate and have faster reloads (NC weapons tend to hit harder but recoil quite a lot and TR weapons tend to hose an area)

    Weapons with higher muzzle velocity also tend to reduce the need to to lead targets. If you go the with weapon selection screen and click the little tick box under your weapon stats you can then mouse over other weapons to compare their stats with the one you have selected.The hip fire and aimed accuracy stats show comparative accuracy when kneeling, standing and moving while crouched and walking.

    I advocated moving targets in VR some time back but sadly it did not happen, so I am going to say something now that will probably get me criticised by others.......If you want to safely practice hitting moving targets without worrying about your own vulnerability there are regular opportunities to shoot at attackers from the spawn rooms. No one likes so called "spawn room warriors" and it is not the way to win battles but for getting your "eye in" it is the only way to practice safely on moving targets.

    Try to fire short bursts to reduce bloom and recoil in particular. Some weapons also can equip attachments that improve performance - fore grips reduce horizontal recoil, compensators reduce vertical recoil and laser sights reduce hip fire cone of fire.

    It's a steep learning curve but stick with it. I couldn't hit anything to start with, much less kill it. Even after more than two years my KDR is between 0.9 and 1.2 on different toons (not great for an experienced player , I'm sure)

  7. Sindroms

    I'd be glad if they equipped heavies with overshields and nanarmor on the existing ones. Otherwise the weapons testing done on the training dummies is very misleading.
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  8. Hegeteus

    Most relevant movement patterns would actually be ADAD strafe spam and the ridiculous zig-zag panic sprint that I hate with a passion
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  9. adamts01

    Since you mentioned you're on a laptop, you should tweek your settings to get the most frames possible out of it. Find your user options file and try the potato settings values. Make sure to backup your original settings. https://www.paleridergaming.com/planetside2-mods

    Getting the game to run as smoothly as possible is the first step.

    High dps guns are easy to use for new players, but your end goal will be shifting to accurate guns that let you go for headshots.

    They're pretty old, but MattiAceGaming has some great infantry tutorials on YouTube that explain things such as aim down sights mechanics and the importance of burst firing your automatic rifles.

    Wrel has some good infantry tutorials on YouTube as well.

    The number 1 most important thing though is joining a good outfit and asking the guys in game for advice. This game has a ton of unique things to learn.
  10. Jbeasty

    Would love that and have hoped for it since forever...
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  11. JibbaJabba


    A couple good outfit mates will cover more topics with you than we could do in ages here.
  12. Ketenks

    Great guys. Thanks for the advice and support. I hope they implement all the types of movement. I joined an outfit as well. I haven't begun to talk to people but I'll see how it goes.

    My understanding of ADAD strafe is just the word "sidle". That's what I mean by it anyway.
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