Training Alliance Task Force [TATF]

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    (Post updated for 2018-06-25 Removed: TS3, Website & updated text)
    TATF contact details:
    About TATF:
    We are the Training Alliance task Force or TATF for short. Our big goal with this is to help everybody to get better at their game. This is done through training nights mainly coordinated through our Discord server from our veteran commanders. These nights can cover anything from infantry squad play to improving your air game. Next to infantry/vehicle training nights, we also host trainings on Squad leading, Platoon leading, Base Bulding and more! Every tuesday, when we're not in the mood to git gud, we also organize Outfit nights. These can consist of normal platoons, special events or just some fun talk while playing. A little something to relieve tension and just let loose a bit. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we also got competitions, cross-outfit events and much more. We always seek to improve, and we always aim to have an active platoon up every day during every hour.
    Basic Rules:
    No discriminating or inappropriate conduct towards each other, we are a friendly environment and we pride ourselves on this.
    Respect orders from members who have a higher rank, there is a chain of command for a reason and this is in place to ensure the organisation is managed efficiently.
    Be Active, a member of the outfit can be removed after 2 months of inactivity if we are not previously notified of extended absence.
    No cheating or hacking, this is not tolerated and you will be removed from the community immediately if this is discovered.
    In any event a Platoon leader requires a microphone to effectively communicate, therefore without a Microphone you cannot lead a TATF Platoon, however a mic is not mantadory for squad leading.
    Requirements to join:
    Fortunately for you, we do not have any requirements except for being nice to others. We don't have an age restriction, nor a mic must-have policy, unless you want to lead our platoons.

    Have a cup of LiberTEA!
    Kind regards, Ascidon
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  2. Aidenius

    We are still recruiting!

    Most active, friendly, inclusive outfit on the New Conglomerate Miller. 2500 active members in our multi gaming community.

    Get in on the action! Thanks
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