Trailer of ULTRA on Mattherson

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  1. Drealgrin

    Delusional as ever.

    Nice vid. Thumbs up!
  3. Morticai

    More than you know.
  4. Mustarde

    This was a really fun project to be a part of. An ULTRA-wide operation was planned for the film date and we spent the first hour at the warpgate taking shots of the outfits, filming some of the smaller stuff - then I got to join the film crew on top of a mountain and pose as honor guard for the shot of the ULTRA leaders overseeing the massive prowler and galaxy deployment (you can see me in the bottom left screen at 0:40)

    After the hollywood stuff, things got really exciting as we steamrolled all the way to the VS warp gate and proceeded to warpgate the NC under heavy resistance. All the footage for the trailer came from that operation and wow did it come out well!

    Great work Zoran and all the other people who filmed that night.

    ULTRA is coming for you!

  5. Bape

    Love the video this seriously blew my fuken mind.

    To all the crap I read NC is loosing population week by week just a matter of time before VS become the 4th faction I know because I play VS now.

    But yeh here is the night population when I log off as of yesterday. The population was so overwhelming VS actually won the alert and i mean they capped Esamir and i got a massive insane Cert gain since I was on my vs sniping.
    VS 51%
    TR 23%
    NC 26%
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  6. Holomang

    Fell out of chair laughing.

    10/10 would read again.

    Mattherson VS simply aren't competitive with less than a 2:1 advantage.
  7. Drealgrin

    dayum, how disappointed i am to not have been on :/

    Hardly feel sympathetic, as NC has capped esamir twice due to their massive population.
  8. Bape

    Go on at night and say that. Esamir and amerish can be easily taken by VS at night if they want to take it but they don't because they are scared to loose indar.
  9. Drealgrin

    indar is our pride and joy :D difficult to take, difficult to defend. You other factons just give up so easily
  10. Bape

    It will be NC sooner or later!!!!!
  11. Strykar

    I agree on this, yes the TR do typically have a lower world population but they still have enough to manage pop locking Indar and often even outnumbering us. In the last couple weeks I've seen TR break 40% Indar pop while we're in the mid 30's, although this is a rare occasion.
    I never denied that the NC were vital in breaking the TR lock of Indar, I knew this already and I've stated multiple times that if the NC worked with the TR the same way they did with us we would lose the lock in a heartbeat. What I'm also saying is that, although these efforts aren't coordinated between the two factions, it is very common for NC and TR to push hard on the VS fronts at the same time. While this is happening, there are smaller groups of NC ghost capping TR territory but the major bulk of their population remains on the VS front. I've seen this happen time and time again and I'm tired of the TR constantly creating excuses to justify our continuous hold on the Indar lock. I'm not blaming you for this, of course, you are definitely one of the most reasonable TR posters on this board from what I've seen.
  12. EliteEskimo

    Thanks for the complement and acknowledging this Strykar.:cool: It's nice to hear another VS that acknowledges both sides are good, since I personally find Mattherson TR/VS to be among the best in all of planetside 2. Also I hardly care about taking and then holding Indar anymore. I've come to the realization that it's simply not possible for Mattherson TR to do anymore with the consistent overwhelming high VS population at late night on Mattherson. Just last night this occurred.:eek:

  13. thrikerr

    I think everyone but the VS has realized by now that owning a continent means nothing at all, considering all the random variables involved that you have no control over.

    Even if they lost the Indar lock, the VS reach at least 50% server population on a nightly basis, enough to easily capture all three continents.
  14. Cyridius

    Pop locking is impossible as long as there are 3 factions in the mix. Every continent lock the VS has gotten is late night/early morning or, as with that famous case, aided(unintentionally, more than likely) by that hacker.

    Due to the above, I hold no stock in cont locks. They're valueless and no outfit in ULTRA actually plays with a continent lock being the desired goal, to my knowledge. There's no point getting a continent lock when the other faction will stay up till 5am capping it back. I swear most of the VS work in the West Coast timezone.

    Irregardless, I expect to see Indar turn Neutral some time this week, with the lattice coming out.
  15. MrGurrenLemfox

    i dont see the enemy , are they all infiltrator ? and why ULTRA have Dev on their team cause, i dont think player can run around unnoticed, and flying for that matter ?
  16. Morticai

    ...yet the moment the TR manage to continent lock Indar, or even break the VS lock, we'll see posts from the Enclave saying that they're the best for capping Indar.

    It only matters when we're winning. When someone else has it, there's no value to it at all.
  17. TekTR

    Of course. Same goes to all three factions. When one has it, the other two don't care, or at least say so.

    Not really sure why this thread has gone onto yet another anti-TE rant, but meh.

    On topic: great trailer.
  18. thrikerr

    This is what the VS are "proud" of.

  19. USD

    The last time continent locking was when we lost ours to a hacker. Since everyone NC and VS seemed pretty ok with us losing to a cheater, I stopped caring about "winning."
  20. Morticai

    Kind of funny that the hacker seemed to have a particular individual in mind when committing to the attack and hasn't attacked since.