Trailer of ULTRA on Mattherson

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cyridius, May 18, 2013.

  1. Spookydodger

    Pretty well done. Wonder how they got the footage like that.
  2. S0LAR15

    Nice vid.

    I spat water all over my screen at the over enthusiastic libby at 0:45, he just had to get in shot. LOL
  3. munglay

    Official GOKU trailer announced, keep pressing 1 on your keyboard during the video!

  4. Deathrus

    Are you serious JOKE?? LOL. We had the SE WG, you guys did not do any better. The mag rider alleged nerf did nothing but make a minor annoyance.

    I never said the Tr were crap unless it's [TE]. Even then you guys fight well. I'd like to see real alert statistics before I comment on who wins more or less.
    Just like how the Vs dominated the gaming event on almost every server (including matherson) and somehow Total Biscuit won.
  5. Deathrus

    This man speaks the truth. Underline for major points.
  6. Hellhammer

    Zoran - great video, we miss you in VG...come back to us!!

    oh, out of curiosity... which faction took Indar first after launch?
  7. Strykar

    I, too, used to make things up to cover my *** as an excuse for not being adequate enough to perform a task. But I stopped doing that at about 16 years old.
  8. EliteEskimo

    I'd just like to point out that his NC reason is legitimate, it happens basically every time.:rolleyes:
  9. Strykar

    If you leave a territory undefended, of course there are gonna be XP ****** who go up there while there's no opposition to cap bases. But you guys are talking as if the entire NC population is doing this, which is entirely untrue. There may be a few squads to 1-2 platoons, but I've often seen several platoons from both TR and NC push VS at the same time. That doesn't mean a select few won't go north and hit an undefended front. There certainly weren't enough NC doing it to require TR to pull their entire population off the VS front to go handle it.
  10. DonC

    IS this the ultra alliance Buzz was talking about in his rage video? haha.
  11. EliteEskimo

    Ya but see, Mattherson VS/TR are basically equal in skill meaning we need everyone we have on Indar to fight the VS in order to have a shot. TR has less population than the VS on Mattherson so we need more TR to fight the VS too. You know why VS was able to break the Cap from the TR? Almost no interference from the NC, and the NC was actively helping you in very major way every step of the way. I was there, I watched the battles actively going on, and there were little to no NC interference going on in your territory during your cap break. What's funny about the NC is that they'll help us indirectly take territory away from you like they are going to help us. But once we get the VS down to 3-4 Territories they basically say "this is to hard, oh look at all the TR territory that isn't being defended". How hard is it to admit you had significant NC help every step of the way down to our last territory to take away the TR's cap? I already know TR will require that same level of commitment, or non interference from the NC for us to break your cap.
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  12. Morticai

    Very unlikely we'll get it.
  13. Badname0192

    Gah, dumb argument along with lies or just a bad memory.

    1. The region was broken, repairing tanks, healing etc was reverting on vehicles and infantry around the TR warp gate and in the busy zones.Damage taken was not being repaired, even when in good cover or inside the warp gate, which is why the Prowlers were being pushed into the warp gate and staying there, because the only way to keep them completely healed at that time was to have them constantly attended. I pulled a Prowler, thought to come out, made a couple of kills, found cover to repair with my gunner, got out, repaired only to jump back in and for the tank to return to its previously damaged state.
    2. The last territory you mention, had just flipped back to TR with a solid bar.
    3. Before the reset we were flipping the point at Copper Ravine, with very little time to spare in the cap. Reasoning won out against anger, which is what NC and VS suffered, because a lot of us initially thought that the reset was because we were finally about to push out.
    4. Nobody is actually mad, that's just a recollection of server history.

    Now get over it, the video is cool and TR on Mattherson farms NC like you for lulz.
  14. EliteEskimo

    There's no quit in a TR, Soldier! :cool:
  15. Morticai

    I've yet to quit. Might be a difficult war, but I'm not going to stop shooting the anarchistic fools and naive technophiles.
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  16. General Sherman

    I just got back after a few months break so I'm really out of the loop but have the TR really been having issues on Matt? Back in December if I saw the BCP or the TE show up when I was defending as NC I just logged off since there was no point in fighting anymore. Has something happened to the TE lately? I swear I don't see anywhere near the numbers of them I used to.

    To be more on topic though that was a very good trailer and reminded me of the more serious parts of RVB before everything went CGI. Even as a NC I can appreciate taking some pride in your work and showing how much you love the game and how good you can look playing it. No matter if you win or lose it's a game to be enjoyed and hope to see you guys on the battlefield!
  17. Morticai

    They've....'changed' a considerable amount of the public opinion directed towards them due to recent events. I'm going to be intentionally vague, as this is pretty much TE territory anyway...and really, just that blurb of vague mention will undoubtedly draw a few TE members to step up and defend against accusations I've yet to make.

    That's for other threads. Here?...Enclave's coo'.
  18. Cyridius

    Our "PR" has been **** since Beta.

    Nothing's happened to TE. We're still there in numbers and we're still the dominant #1. The game's current state has taken its toll on all outfits.
  19. Morticai


    ...I rest my case. Cyridius is good about appearing wherever the Enclave needs a defense.

    Anyway, I should probably include something constructive. Video was good.
  20. Cyridius

    Ofcourse I am.