Trailer of ULTRA on Mattherson

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  1. Cyridius

    TR is forced to take on both factions repeatedly. The reason we win the alerts so much is because the NC and VS actually fight eachother for the territory which evens the playing field for TR.

    It's the dev cam.
  2. Strykar

    I would like to point out that the VS also has to deal with the full force of both factions on a regular basis. We have came very close to losing our lock because of being attacked by both TR and NC at the same time, although these attacks may not be coordinated. In a 3 faction game, it is not uncommon for one faction to be attacked by the other two on a large scale. This happens to everybody. Not trying to take credit away from you guys, but I don't like this Mattherson illusion that the VS and NC have some kind of coordinated alliance against the TR.
  3. Sifer2

    TR is very outnumbered. Especially during the late hours. During primetime when the pops are actually balanced due to NC/VS being capped we often push them back. Only to lose a lot of ground during the late hours when VS has 40-50% of the server pop. This is why they don't really have to worry about losing Indar. It was only ever possible to cap that continent during the night at low pops, and since VS is majority at night always they wont lose it anytime soon.

    I don't know about the whole NC/VS alliance thing. Ever since beta I feel like TR tends to get attacked more. I think on Matt though it's more a symptom of the pop disadvantage. Being unable to spread out an defend all your territory invites ghost capping. So before you know it you have NC/VS licking their lips at the prospect of lots of easy to acquire territory, and a double team occurs. I see it every day on Esamir/Amerish. Happens to the others too if they decide to zerg one an ignore the other leaving it low pop.
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  4. Obscura

    Pshh what copycats ;) the VS have had the Vanu Alliance since PS1. Definitely a way to multiply numbers
  5. EliteEskimo

    True, but whenever we take a shot to remove your Cap the bloody NC always F it up and back cap behind us instead of contributing even a minuscule amount of effort to warp gating you.. *Shakes my fist at the NC*

    I love how epic the coordination is between Mattherson VS/TR though, we're such an even match for each other that neither VS/TR alone can warp gate each other on Indar without help from the NC.:cool:
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  6. Cyridius

    ULTRA was in PS1 aswell.
  7. Deathrus

    I Liked the video after reading some posts I would like to correct some fallacies.

    1. Mattherson has always been dominated by the VS since day one. The VS at some points had smaller Pops than both. That did not stop us from facerolling.
    2. The VSA has been coordinating since PS1. We do it very well, maybe ULTRA could do the same we'd see some great fights and lose Indar. When ULTRA does an OP, they can't even take Indar. When VSA does one, you see triple continent locks. That's because we all can't fit on one continent, so we take them all.
    That's about all of them. Had to clear up some misconceptions
  8. GSZenith

    well was nice.
    oh btw war thunder ad on ps2 video maybe a msg to flyboys? :eek:
  9. EliteEskimo

    1. In PS2 you didn't take Indar from ULTRA without help from the NC and a super Hacker, and when VS had smaller Pops they didn't take and hold Indar for any significant period of time.

    2. TR have the least population on Mattherson and we win a lot of alerts, and when the populations are balanced during alerts TR win more alerts than the VS.

    3. You never take all continents during Prime Time when ULTRA is running an OP.

    4. VS Mattherson is very good, but don't blow them out of proportions :rolleyes:
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  10. Deathrus

    1. Would of had it server RESET.
    2. Wrong again.
    3. We just did few weeks back Triple locked during Prime time. Triple A outfits were operating.
    4. I am not. You have no idea, you're a Sol-Tech merger. The VS on matherson have been kicking butt since day one. Under poped\over does not matter. Matherson VS-core-outfits are what makes things happen.
    We've held Indar for various times since beta our best was 3 weeks before blowing that out of the water nearly 2 months now.

    Our problem was out night-crew was under popped. Our night-shift now is awesome!

    Hats off to the Vs night-shift.
  11. Pat Cleburne

    I was sol-tech too so I don't know about pre-merge action on Mattherson.

    Again, I don't take anything away from mattherson VS, but TR is doing pretty good right now.
    We took Amerish and Esamir this weekend after some epic battles, and sunday night there was an Indar alert which Ultra outfits coordinated in and not only did we win the alert, but we did it while having 35% pop on Indar while VS had 44% and NC had 30. We were also fighting on both fronts and won the alert with ease despite only having the NW of the map at alert start. I guess the VS got frustrated and quit because your population advantage went south prior to the end of the alert.

    Give us some credit at least.
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  12. TheArchetype

    I loved the part where the air forces are heading out and there's a random friendly collision. Also, that was some grade A voice acting.
  13. thrikerr

    The "full force of both factions" = all of TR's miniscule population against the VS' 40+% population, with the NC ghostcappers crawling up behind us.

    After reading this post I'd like to correct some fallacies.

    Mattherson VS and TR were fairly equal from day 1 up until GU2, when the Magrider was balanced and the VS became the biggest joke Mattherson has ever seen. It wasn't until the server merge that they started to become somewhat of a threat again, when Soltech merged with us, and brought its VS overpopulation issue with it.

    Well that's about it. Had to clear up some misconceptions.
  14. EliteEskimo

    1. Maybe... Maybe... but that was still with the help of the NC in a very major way, and you couldn't have done it without them.
    2. The TR consistently have the least population on Mattherson, that is a fact, and it's what I see nearly every time I get on.
    3. If Ultra is up during prime time that means BWC has a full Platoon going, Enclave has at least a platoon if not 2, WOLV has a platoon and 903, HNYB have squads up if not a Platoon ect ect. Also when TR have even populations with VS and NC triple caps don't happen. (and if they do it's once in a blue moon)
    4. I've been on Mattherson since day 1 it opened, I'm a pretty busy guy so I may have missed a day or two here or there, but I'm consistently on.
    5. Give Mattherson TR some credit, they've dished out just as much pain as the VS and we win a lot of alerts when the populations are even. I have no hate for Mattherson VS, in fact I have a lot of respect for them, but give credit where credit is due :cool:
  15. NoctD

    As much as I've had my past gripes with Mattherson TR in some ways not always going for the meta, I've got to say that the server's intense and has the best action I've seen around playing different characters on different servers... the only one that's close is Miller.

    Waterson TR are swimming in a sea of red blood mostly, what a mess... Helios TR are severely underpop and swimming in a sea flooded with blue, but their NC competition is quite weak and fail to win alerts when there's decent TR/VS pop during prime hours. None get as intense as Mattherson though... and the VS/NC are both formidable opponents.
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  16. YoloXXSwag420

    I'm a little confused. You said TR had 35%, VS had 44%, and NC had 30%. Now I play on Mattherson, and I've never seen the server have 109% continent pop before. If you're going to post some random numbers just to prove a point, might wanna make sure they actually add up to 100%. That 1st grade math really helps to keep you from looking like a nub.

    Couple comments here. Mattherson VS and TR were never equal until GU2. The VS capped Indar a bunch of times, and held it for long periods. You took it, 2-3-4 times, and held it for what, 8-10 hours? You VS and TR might have had a fairly equal pop, but the VS were 100 times more effective than you ever were. The NC was often down around the 20-25% pop during that time. After GU2, NC pop took off, VS pop dropped and the NC held Indar for a week, something you've never managed to do. With the SolTech merge, VS pop climbed, but until recently, NC pop was almost always the largest.

    TR had the numbers, had the pumped up prowler, the merciless mossie, the flinch adavantage for a long time, plus some of the best outfits around. Yet they've never accomplished much of anything. Indar is and has been a VS dominated continent. Nobody else is even close to matching the amount of time they've held it. NC has only held it once, but that one time is close to double the amount of time TR has held Indar. Amerish and Esamir are NC. We lose them, but get them back like clockwork. TR simply isn't much of a threat outside of a couple hours a day.

    Oh, and as for TR still going on about losing Indar to a hacker, get over it. If the server didn't reset a minute before your last base flipped , you would have lost it fair and square hours earlier.
  17. skoorviel

    This is why I play PS2
  18. ZephyrBurst

    Some of the funnest times are when the TR have nearly warpgated the VS. It always comes really close, which makes for some amazingly fun moments of 'Oh ****, we might actually lose this.'
  19. LanceTR

    VS are a joke on Matterson. TEST and AT are both pretty pathetic. I'm not sure about the rest.

    Lattice will prove this.
  20. Pat Cleburne

    Well excuse the F out of me. The pops fluctuated with vs hovering around 44% until the last 20 minutes of the alert or so when they dropped to about 38%. TR fluctuated from low to mid 30s throughout the alert, and NC had 25 - 28% most of the alert.

    Point is, TR dominated.

    PS: Thanks for reminding me that I had you on ignore. No idea, how you got off the ignore list.