Trailer of ULTRA on Mattherson

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cyridius, May 18, 2013.

  1. Cyridius

    Credits go to ZoranTheBear for recording, editing and uploading the video.

    Fear the red tide, Loyalty Until Death.
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  2. Oreo202

    1. :D
    2. Can we do a trailer like this but with the best outfits from all factions to showcase Mattherson versus the other servers?
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  3. Cyridius

    I would quite enjoy watching that, but I doubt any concerted effort to do this would be achieved. Just have somebody running around with dev cam during the Ops times of as many outfits as possible and you should get some good material.
  4. Rockit

    Nice job on that!
  5. XDillingerX

    Could you post your UserOptions.ini, [RENDERING] or is it all on high GFX settings?
  6. Jetlag

    Thats a nice observer cam you have there Zoran ;)
  7. EliteEskimo

    The Ultra Alliance is why Mattherson TR is the best TR, we accomplish so much and win so many alerts despite having the lowest population on the server. :cool:
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  8. Kunotron

  9. theholeyone

    Very cool vid. What is the story with the camerawork there? I didn't think it was possible to get observer cams...
  10. Terrarion

    its epic! also what cam magic is this XD?
  11. Sebyos

    Nice video to be honest, I really liked it.

    The second time I saw it tough, I became sad because I saw stupid air collision damage, rocking tanks, a Galaxy bounce like a balloon, strong assets spammed then a spawn camped. I guess I need a break.
  12. Strykar

    Really awesome video. Mattherson has best TR and best VS. The result is epic clashes that can't be found anywhere else in Planetside.
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  13. WalrusJones

    One TR outfit on Helios has 873 Active members, If I remember correctly: EXE.

    People playing Helios TR are often NOTABLY confused when it is mentioned that EXE isn't a placeholder "Clanless" clantag, due to EXE comprising that much of the faction.
  14. FnkyTwn

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  15. Drealgrin

    nice vid, still doesn't make up for how much of a joke and bad the TR is on Mattherson is though XD
  16. Vetto

    I'm pretty sure that sounded really cool in your head, But when said out load... not so much.

    Also you can really tell Which Vanu here are the A gamers who Act instead of talk.. and lesser half.. who can only talk.
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  17. Serevn

    Nicely done.
  18. LineTrap

  19. NightmareP69

    Honestly I'd be more afraid of the VS there, christ everytime i logg into Mattherson they're wiping the floor with you guys. They even triple lock continent on a occasion. Honestly i wasn't expecting that at all, i thought Mattherson would be a TR dominated server instead it's a VS dominated server. I think Mattherson is the only US server where the VS aint underpopulated , when i went to check out Connery,Waterson and the rest it was terrible. Waterson is the worst, it pretty much has no VS at all, when i went to play with a TR there i was bored to tears since 50% of the server is TR, 20% VS and the rest is NC, theres nothing to fight on Waterson if you're TR, because of the horrible pop balance there.
  20. Pat Cleburne

    Mattherson TR is the lowest populated faction on Mattherson. We usually have about 28% server pop while VS comes in at mid 30's and NC has high 30's to low 40's.

    The majority of the fighting most nights is comprised of TR being attacked by VS and NC at the same time. By coincidence or design is debatable, but the fact remains that the lowest populated faction on the server is constantly fighting the majority of forces of the two largest factions and regularly holding our own.

    On the rare occasion when the pops are even, the TR usually has one faction warpgated or close to it and we win a lot of the alerts.

    I don't dispute that the VS on Mattherson are good. But you have to consider that Mattherson TR do more with less than any other faction on the server.

    If VS had to dedicate all their forces to defending against the majority of TR and NC simultaneously they would not hold Indar. In fact TR has almost broken their lock on our own on several occasions.
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