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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by oTec, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. omfgweeee

    Slaped x1 , FG and suppresor (i`m suppresor big fan) and owned. LS is good but i feel its ADS needs FG realy hard.
  2. EPIC389

    The reason the Trac 5 is underrated is because of another gun called the Jaguar

    Seriously, they are way too similar(you could argue the jaguar is better most of the time)
  3. SQPD

    I would tell you to run to the Jaguar but since this is for TRAC-5 only, I would say run a laser sight an 3.4x. Not the most effective. I strongly recommend a Jaguar with a foregrip, 3.4x dot sight, and soft point. The TRAC-5s severe horizontal recoil prevented me from using it at longer ranges or as a makeshift sniper.
  4. SarahM

    I run my TRAC 5 with 4x scope, forward grip and silencer.
  5. nehylen

    Issue is not similarity, but how SOE/DBG balances things very oddly. Trac5 family with no bias would make sense (see T1 Cycler family and Carv+Carv-S), as a generalist weapon, and Jaguar with that same high bias Trac5 has (23~25)would make sense as a more CQC-ready, harder to control, gun.
    Yet, oddly enough, SOE went out of its way to avoid making sense in that aspect, so the Trac5 doesn't edge out the Jaguar in controllability over longer ranges, while being inferior at shorter ones.

    Same logic at work with pre-nerf Orion (more stable than generalist Pulsar LSW, check), Gauss Rifle family has Trac5 bias (23~25) when Carnage AR has 0, Terminus with less bias and tolerance than Pulsar VS1 family making it effectively more accurate.

    Go figure what went in their minds. Nanites...

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