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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by oTec, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. oTec

    Regarding the attachements, what's the best setup? Normally i'd go straight for the jaguar but i really want to use the basic starter weapons for now.
  2. Iridar51

    I loved using it with Laser Sight, but apparently using it without Forward Grip causes nightmares and Vietnam flashbacks in some people. So just use without rail attachment for a while and see if you can handle recoil without Forward Grip, and act accordingly.

    Rest is 1x reflex and clean barrel. Not that many options, really.
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  3. Plastikfrosch

    im a big fan of ads shooting and because tr weapons suffer more from horizontal recoil the forward grip is the best choice in my opinion.
  4. nehylen

    Rail attachment has nothing to do with being a fan of something, and the 10% more recoil on default guns isn't a "proper" reason in the sense that VS/NC also go for grip without even thinking twice, despite having more controllable guns, especially NC.
    Even with a LS, most of your shooting is going to be in ads.
    In effect picking a rail attachment has nothing to do with dubious horizontal recoil theories, it's about either emphasizing on your most regular mean of combat (grip), or making you stronger when you're the most vulnerable (LS).

    While going for a LS does lower your effective range, it makes you much more powerful in CQC where, oddly enough, the general opinion, usually the same people as the grip-zealots, considers as irrefutable truth that most engagements are happening (see all the Orion debates, it's being constantly repeated).
    Which is why this all PTSD syndrome from non-grip attachments Iridar mentions is quite unfathomable. I've used and was satisfied with Trac5 with both attachments myself.
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  5. Iridar51

    That's a really good way of putting it. Even with laser sight, mindlessly throwing your body at every enemy is too dangerous. "Distance is the oldest form of defense"
  6. oTec

    For the moment i'm using the 2x reflex, wich i basicly slap on anything. The horizontal recoil is... kinda uncomfortable, dumbs down the medium range kill potential. On the nc i also run the basic AF-19 carbine and it's great. Just a 2x, it might not be as good in cqc a the trac5 but it's reliable in the medium range. So i either go for reenforcing the strongpoint (CQC) with the LS or slapping the grip on there for the medium ranges.
  7. UberNoob1337101

    If you're using anything more than 1x reflex sight, go forward grip and play smart, keep distance from your enemies and ambush.

    If you're using the easy-mode no-recoil 1x reflex sight though, recoil isn't the problem, get a laser sight.

    I auraxiumed mine using a 3.4x sight with a forward grip and it's pretty accurate, but if you just hold the trigger you are going to get into bad situations.
  8. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I ran mine with IR/NV and forward grip. The hipfire was great for CQC emergency situations so a laser sight was never needed for me and since I ADS a lot the grip was perfect. Once you learn you compensate for its recoil and burst fire after a certain distance, it's a great weapon to use.
  9. K2k4

    I run a forward grip and flash supressor. I dont like getting spotted so bullet trails arent my friends. Seems to work well but its not great for engagements further than the height of an indar tree.
  10. Iridar51

    Flash Suppressor doesn't hide those, only the muzzle flash, you know that, right?
  11. K2k4

    I thought that it was one of the benefits but now i see it doesn't change the tracers at all. It does keep you from strobing light at night or providing the enemy with an obvious target though.
    The bloom penalty is pretty harsh though
  12. Ryme Intrinseca

    I look at it the other way round. With 1x sight it is easier to ADS at close range. Hence, you will hipfire less and don't need the laser sight. But for a 2x sight you will hipfire more, so take the LS.

    Surely anything far enough away for a 3.4x to be worthwhile is out of reach of the Trac?
  13. nehylen

    Your reasoning both makes sense(as i've applied it to LS+IRNV) and feel paradoxical to me. The latter impression because the main thing about movement speed isn't so much about aiming properly yourself, but to make it harder for the enemy to adjust his.
  14. ALN_Isolator

    Go for my poor man's trac shot setup. 2x reflex and laser sight ,no barrel.
  15. johnway

    I have generally a dunious relationship with the trac5. Even with a x2 scope and a foregrip, the gun doesn't feel right in my hands and even ADS.

    I think most the Tr's carbines aren't getting much favour from me. I do use them with rds and even than i do poorly with them. I must be crap.
  16. Lord_Avatar

    The TRAC 5 is awesome. I run it with a Forward Grip and it performs more than admirably. Learn to love it and it will love you back (with a passion). ;)
  17. TechPriestess

    I just use it with the forward grip and a 1x sight and it performs admirably, I don't find the hipfire to be too terribly bad either to necessitate the laser sight.

    Not to mention you'll always have access to the TX1 Repeater, which is more than serviceable for CQC. All-in-all, the Trac-5 is -really- good and I think is underestimated as an LA weapon. Only downside being is that it doesn't have ammo types, but hey it's free so nothing to complain about really.
  18. Corvus Corax

    ls, 1x scope, treat it like the trac burst at range (tap tap tap)
  19. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Aside from the Lynx I've found 3.4x and laser to be the standard setup for the TR carbines I'm playing with (just finished the Jaguar)

    Reason being is that if you're close enough to where a 1x works you're almost better off just going with a laser since carbines start with great COF stats and you're not sacrificing mobility by not having to ADS. If they're at range you'll be tap firing anyway (or at least you should be) and that extra magnification lets you plink heads a bit easier.
  20. Nagant

    2x reflex, forward grip and silencer, and I use it for ambushes. Works best when you find a route where the enemy comes in every 20-30 seconds, so the corpse will disappear, the sound won't give you up, and you won't show up on the minimap either. Your enemies aren't on their highest alertness either (they are like "Next room is the frontline I can safely run till that point...").

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