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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Selrahc4040, May 17, 2014.

  1. Selrahc4040

    Hey guys, I need some help deciding on weapons. First off, I've noticed that I perform far better with high RPM weapons, and before you say "Duh just get the lynx," I would. BUT, the cert cost is a tad prohibitive. I currently use the Trac-5 S because it's the only weapon that you can put a UBSGL on, which is invaluable for helping my squad break a defense. I'm extremely reluctant to part with this, but I could deal with it if smoke nades prove to be an effective replacement. I've been looking at switching to the Jaguar, as the boosted RPM's are nice, but it seems slightly less of a fit than the stock Trac-5, given the reload speed increase. (I reload every time I fire my weapon) So, thoughts? Personal experiences? I need some help here.
  2. LibertyRevolution

    I hate the trac-5.
    I love the jag.
    Lynx costs to much.

    Does that help?
  3. Selrahc4040

    Every bit helps. Can you say why you like it more, or is it intangible?
  4. LibertyRevolution

    Yeah, for me it is the recoil pattern..
    The trac-5 it sucks it pulls up and right, the jag pulls up, so it sucks less.

    Watch these 2 quick videos:

    Ignore the copy/paste error in the words, this is all jag.
  5. Iridar51

    Yeah, in reality differences between Jaguar and TRAC 5 are marginal, and if you don't have much certs to spare, then you can just use TRAC 5.

    When I've only started playing I almost instantly shelved the TRAC 5 and used other carbines. When I've recently decided to auraxium the TRAC 5 I had an absolute blast, this gun is amazing. Very accurate hip fire even with LS, and CQC powerhouse.

    Jaguar is a very good, versatile gun.
    Even though Jaguar's uncompensatable (horizontal) recoil is higher than that of TRAC 5, the vertical recoil, which is compensatable, is compensated easier, because Jaguar pulls straight up.
    Jaguar gets boosts to hip fire accuracy, as well as access to ALS to capitalize on that advantage further and SPA to boost damage. 75% ADS speed to top that off.

    Both of these guns are certainly one of the best carbines in the game, and compared to each other, Jaguar trades effectiveness at range for better CQC capabilities.
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  6. LibertyRevolution

    I'm having a blast with my T5-AMC lately. Thing is accurate.
    I just have no love for the Trac-5.. I just can't get it to work for me...
  7. Silvermyst

    That's one way of looking at it, but I know some players actually prefer the recoil to be at an angle. Their argument is that pure vertical recoil jumps a bit from side to side unpredictably, while angled recoil jumps to the side in a predictable pattern, making it easier to compensate against.

    I'm not really sure what to think of that myself, but I do know that if you ever want to choose a gun to buy you should first go to the VR room to find out what direction it pulls, (in this case up and to the right or straight up) then get some experience compensating for it at different ranges. After you feel that you've got it figured out go trial it in the "real" world.

    If the recoil on a gun still feels weird and wonky to you after half an hour of combat maybe it's not a good one to buy, but if it feels really slick and comfortable it's probably a good option for you.
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  8. LibertyRevolution

    Yes, it is really about what gun feels right to you.

    The ↔ recoil on jag doesn't bother me much, as it doesn't effect me much in the range in which I use the jag < 30m.
    On the carv... my god, trying to engage a target that is 50+m out with my gun randomly shooting left and right of target.. :mad:
  9. Iridar51
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  10. Silvermyst

    Good stuff. :cool:
  11. Selrahc4040

    Thanks for the help guys, but one more question: Are smoke nades a suitable replacement to the UBSGL?
  12. Duban

    It's not really a matter of preference. Side to side recoil is random and makes it virtually impossible to use for precise firing. If you see the video the side to side motion alone is almost the width of the player at 20 meters. Beyond that it would be virtually impossible to hit anything reliably.

    Meanwhile directional up-right recoil has a very reliable direction and speed of travel which makes it possible to accurately snipe stationary targets past 100 meters. All you need is a clear shot and for the target to hold still for just 1 second. Side to side recoil might suffice for indoors hipfiring, but directional recoil is objectively better anywhere you actually need to aim.
  13. Iridar51

    Stop spreading lies. This is objectively false information.
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  14. Takoita

    IMHO, not really. They bounce around strangely, making it difficult to deploy smoke where you want, if I remember it right. I think Wrel had a thorough analysis video on youtube, you might want to check that.
  15. Catch23

    that's mainly 0.75 ADS move speed going for the Jaguar. It's like a TR carbine version of the Orion.

    The Jaguar has little better inate hipfire than the Trac (1.75 vs 2.0 Hip COF Move) and that's even significantly better with an advanced laser which the Trac-5 doesn't have access to. Plus it can eqip softpoint ammo which enhances maximum damage range by 5 meters.
    On the other hand the Trac 5 with a forward grip is still accurate at 60 meters and is at least as good as the T5-AMC at that range (and much more at short ranges).
    The AMC is very popular among some players because it's extremly accurate and easy to shoot. However, as you can never get more DPS out of a weapon, many players favor high DPS waepons and make them as accurate as possible. the AMC has 650 ROF vs. the 750 of the other two guns in the same damage tier. In many situations the better accuracy doesn't help at all, higher DPS always does.

    If you don't strafe-shoot and keep your distance, you might want to go for the Trac, it's still good in CQC unlike the AMC. if you mostly engage in close quarter combat go for the ALS Jag (try putting a suppressor on it and use it like a Cyclone), as hipfiring shortens TTK. no time needed to bring up sights.

    another very viable option is the forward grip on the Jag. it tones down the guns horizontal shake quite a bit. Strafe-shoot at 50 m with that 40 round mag. All in all it's the better gun over the Trac-5 in most situations.

    The AMC is a sniping carbine, situationally good while both the Trac-5 and the Jaguar are very versatile but still different, mostly due to the the ADS move Speed. 0.75 ADS is very valuable, if used (right).
    If the Jaguar didn't have this feature I would use the Trac and thats why the new Lynx is worse than the Jag.
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  16. Nakar

    As Iridar has noted, this is only really true on weapons with invariant recoil angle deviation and low horizontal min/max. Neither the Jaguar nor the TRAC-5 qualify as these (the Jaguar has high non-equal horizontal min/max and the TRAC-5 has a variable recoil angle). The T5 AMC and Cougar do; neither pulls straight up, but both have lower horizontal min/max and their recoil angles are fixed. However, the AMC isn't easier to compensate for because its angle happens to be a bit harder to the right than the Cougar's; you just have to get a feel for each and compensate accordingly. With the TRAC-5 compensation will not always work because of the semi-random angle variation (which will usually result in you overcompensating a little and pulling too far left of your target), and with the Jaguar the somewhat random rattle will occasionally throw your shot to the left or right of whatever you're aiming at. Both problems can be mitigated by being closer to the target so the variation is not going to cause a complete miss. Hence why the AMC and Cougar lack that problem; they're designed to be easier to use at range, so they're less likely to go where you're not aiming them (although COF will always be an issue and nothing can compensate for that except stopping your burst).
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