TRAC-5 S Comprehensive Review (with Loadouts)

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Durandalx, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. RichardDunn

    I'm a fan of the Trac5-S and use it exclusively on my Engineer. I find it more versatile than the other carbines. My loadout consists of an HS/NV scope, foregrip, compensator, and soft-point ammo.
  2. Wolfwood82

    You shouldn't be using the Trac-5 S then. You should stick with the Trac-5 or use the Burst. You are suffering from penalties you needn't suffer from because you aren't using the attachments that those penalties help offset.

    I use the Trac-5 S with UBGL, 2x reflex, silencer, and soft point along with a grenade bandolier and C4 (frag nades).

    My long range load out is Trac-5 S with UBGL, HDS 3.4x, and compensator with a flash bang and medkits. Probably going to try the shield generator with this load out but normally use nanoweave armor.
  3. RichardDunn

    I'm not sure what you're smoking bra.

    I can't use softpoint ammo on the burst or a compensator. The compensator helps control vertical recoil when aimed down the sight while the foregrip reduces horizontal drift.
  4. Manetheren

    I always use my Nighthawk, but when I don't I use TRAC 5-S with Underbarrel Shotgun which ONE SHOTS HEAVIEZ W/ SHIELD