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  1. Sixty

    One word..Population
    Woodman EU TR-Insanely overhelming by 3700+ and 800+ members outfits like KOTV or GODS[Renamed-ORBITAL STRIKE].
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  2. Hiding in VR

    I play on Woodman and have been following the population trend since PU2. Its usually NC>VS>TR up until an Alert when the VS population spikes while NC & TR remain mostly static.

    Regarding Alerts in general, I have never been a fan of Alert game-play. Not even back when TR was the highest population and haven't tried any in ages. I doubt they have become any more enjoyable now we are heavily outnumbered. ;)
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  3. iMartyr

    TR have been brought back to PS1 status as the underwhelming empire.
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  4. FateJH

    I love how people in this thread are projecting (negatively) about each other so much to discount each other's personal accounts. Besides the graphs, is there anything of substance in this thread?!
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  5. KoS-1

    You do realize you are comparing a continent to a country. :)
  6. Ganelon

    I think he's referring to the EU playerbase being larger than the US server playerbase (Russia has a separate server, too).
  7. Ganelon

  8. come1l

    Because NC forumsiders called Smedley for numerous nerfs on TR that terrain people either switch faction or switch game.
  9. Kunavi


    And what about the XBOW? Why does it trample Recon Darts so bad? Is this required? Can't it be just different? WHY SOE?
    And... EVEN MORE SMG WHAT?!LOL!? Who asked for a Class wide UBGL V2.0?

    Just... SOE... Just why? And why is this all NS and not ES? The Sniper Rifles are but then again.. 8-Shot MBT. LOL.

    Is it April 1st early? Bugged? Not in their final forms? It better be one of those or TR is obsolete. There is nothing interesting for us, all other ES stuff perform 200% better and we get trampled even by NS stuff(Fury, Basilisk, Cobalt, Annihilator)... What the...
  10. KoS-1

    Would the Russia server be considered European or Asian? :)

    Most of the population is in Europe while most of the land mass is Asia.
  11. Ganelon

    If most of the population is in Europe, it'd be considered European of course.
  12. Iridar51

    No, I actually was talking about the literal size of them.
    I'm just getting tired of some murcians behaving like the US is the only existing part of the world or that for some inexplicable reason they are better than the rest of the world.
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  13. KoS-1

    It's the American Exceptionalism ethos. Which has it's own pros and cons.

    Wished other countries had their own as well. Nothing wrong with thinking highly of oneself. Otherwise, at the micro scale, all the people who say can't or shouldn't were listened too at all times. Nothing of greatness would happen.

    Example, and there are many. Michael Jordan. If he listened to the people who said he couldn't or can't, then there wouldn't have been a Jordan. Or as the Chinese call him Michael Qiaodan. Is he personally a great person? No he isn't. On the court, he was a great player. The pros and cons.
  14. Naejin

    I play TR on Mattherson and run with a small outfit (Go 1TR!) I play mostly heavy, and I'd say I'm an average player at best—heck, maybe even a below average player, but I love this game. I've been playing it for over a year now, and this is what I've found true for me (regardless of stats).

    A lot of people are complaining about TR weapons balance, leadership issues, faction traits etc. There's a lot of talk on these forums about the TR getting double-teamed. Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. The NC claim the same thing. I'm guessing it's a matter of perception depending on where you're fighting at the time.

    There's always talk about how this weapon or tank or max or whatever is OP or UP. And yes, sometimes they are, but I don't think any faction has a monopoly on OP/UP gear. (I used to HATE the Zoe Max, now it's the Scat Max. I know the other factions had a hate on for the striker.) My point here, however, is that this is part of the game. The opposing faction will/should always have some area where they are considered OP. Our job is to develop tactics that learn how to deal with it. Eventually it gets nerfed and something else becomes OP, and you learn to deal with that.

    As for leadership—well—I'll admit Mattherson leadership in the past has been somewhat of a mess. Not that we don't have good leaders, it's just that they weren't that particularly good at working together. And to that I say—wait out. I think you're in for a surprise.

    All I know is that even as of the last few weeks (and after the recent nerf bat the TR was hit with), given a relatively even server/continent population (no more than -5%) the TR hold their own. Heck, sometimes we even win.

    What that tells me is that all things considered (with the exception of population) everything else is pretty evenly balanced. My TR weapons still kill the VS/NC about on par with the way they used to. Sure I've had to adapt a bit, but that's part of the game too.

    The only thing holding the TR back from consistently winning alerts is population. Unfortunately that's one huge (extremely important) modifier, and one we can't do much about.
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  15. bubbacon

    I cancelled my membership after PU2. The reasons are obvious and if you play TR...your're nothing more than fodder for the other 2 factions. As a TR player in this game you are given inferior weapons. Highest TTK...worst DPS...Horizontal drift...did I mention Horizontal drift? Lowest pops game wide. Constant double teaming by NC and VS(even when TR is lowest pop).

    If you as a TR player want to keep giving money to SOE, you need to know your making a bad investment. Put that money some place else that you can have fun at instead of dealing with this game.

    Look for another game or re-roll into VS or NC.
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  16. Boomotang

    So much whine. The gun differences and faction balancing are not drastic enough to matter that much.

    I haven't played much the last month, but if it's the same as before (at least on Waterson), the issue is that NC and VS both focus against TR, even if TR is the lowest pop on the continent or server.
  17. FaLI3N

    On Briggs TR wins nearly every alert by default. NC turns up occasionally and give a decent fight but they rarely have the numbers that TR have. VS just doesn't turn up if its anywhere other than Indar and even then most will leave unless its a tech/amp/bio alert that they already own 2/3.
  18. TheBlindFreak

    And they are SOO smug about it too.
  19. z1967

    Well, lets start with talking about PU02. TL;DR at the bottom
    -Nanoweave was changed from extra health to damage resistance that does not apply to head.
    This makes the TR weapons (primarily bodyshot weapons due to accuracy) nerfed because of the primary way of generating damage. NC and VS weapons got a buff because of their natural encouragement to go to headshots (multipliers for the NC and accuracy for the VS). Aside from that the Jaguar, a favorite carbine of many TR, got nerfed heavily. It now, as with the Lynx, has a very unpredictable COF that makes shots outside of 20m a guessing game.

    The underlying problem with the TR carbines is that they are all virtually the same. All are 143 damage carbines that have ROFs between 652 and 800. The only real major advantage is the 40 round magazines. But, many of the weapons spit all of that out randomly instead of where it counts. The recoil pattern is the worst part though. Horizontal recoil is really hard to understand unless you have actually used the weapon. Here is the best analogy I can think of. You know how NC weapons dart up after every shot, and to compensate you drag down on the mouse? Well, imagine of you had to compensate on a gun that drifted both up and down. That is horizontal recoil in a nutshell.

    The NC also get the most variety in their weapons, allowing them to have a gun foe every situation. The VS don't quite have the variety but still have some options. The TR get the bottom of the pile with little to no variety in their weapons. The Trac-5 is the option for all scenarios because it is one of the few guns that are actually controllable. Strangely enough, my VR room testing is telling me that the Trac-5 burst is probably better at the T5 AMC's range the the T5 is. It feels more controllable and is incredibly accurate.

    From carbines to something a little heavier, the vehicle nerfs. First, and probably the most controversial, the Vulcan nerf. The Vulcan is a weapon intended to be used as an AV weapon. It functions as an AI weapon because of the rapid fire nature of the weapon. It got nerfed, hard. The major reason why was its use on the harasser. The Harasser and the Vulcan went together like Shotguns and Light Assaults. The Harasser could choose the battle range and dominate with its massive damage whilst up close. No other weapon could do this. The Prowler Vulcan. however, was a really odd weapon to see considering it did not synergize with Lock-down. Now, it is really bad for use on a LD Prowler compared to other options such as the Halberd (alpha strike and range) or even the basilisk.

    From AV to AI, lets talk about the Marauder. This weapon was a bad idea from the start. It is basically a Fury with more bullets. In its nerfed state, is has an amazing blast radius of... 1m. Its a bad weapon but it was OP before so I see where they are coming from with this. I would recommend changing it to be a banshee mounted on a vehicle with more ammo and a less dramatic COF.

    From ground to air, the Mosquito got its fair share of nerfs too (many ESFs also got nerfs). The Needler lost 5 bullets, which was minor but the reason was to make the Locust seem more appealing with 150 bullets. The Rotary got a nerf too, but all of them got it and it was not in A2A so its all good. But, the nerfs seemed to come because of most ace pilots being TR. This is likely a result of the bugged Striker (which was also nerfed, hard) making it easier for pilots to learn to fly with mostly clear skies and minimal ground resistance from burning carcasses of skyguards.

    TL;DR Nerfs everywhere. Some a bit more odd than others. Tin foil hatting kept to a minimum.
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  20. xArchAngelx

    I give this post about another day or two before it is shut down. SOE doesn't like posts that point out the truth that TR being the "military" faction, have been **** on from the get go. We have non-militarized weapons. The NC, which are supposed to be the "civilians", have better weaponry that out perform the TR weaponry hands down. Any NC character that says otherwise is just trolling.
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