[TR] ZCompany [ZC] - A Crazy Fun Tactical Outfit

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Rycon, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. ComradeJoecool

    great run this morning!
  2. ComradeJoecool

    Come join ZC!
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  5. Rycon

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  7. Rycon

    Hot Damn :)
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  9. Rycon

    How you gonna get up there and get it?
  10. ComradeJoecool

    I was able to eventually jump high enough to get in. It only took about 50 jumps to do it. After I was in it it was simple enough to boost to get out of the tree.

    Harasser back safely on the ground!
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  13. Rycon

    ZCompany is forming back up for some PS2 action. Right now we are talking about what days to run ops.
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  15. Rycon

    Look at you go feller!!
  16. Rycon

    Thats right!! We are coming back
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  18. Rycon

    Nice job dude!!
  19. ComradeJoecool

    I want to thank Mogren, Javabe and Planisman for switching their mic usage to in-game and sorting out their teamspeak stuff. I know that it likely got you killed a few times. I appreciate it.

    Thanks to Phoeniceus for being his awesome silly self in, in-game voice. That helps people see that we are a silly Outfit.

    Finally thanks to everyone for following strict orders!

    We took Blackshard Tungsten Mine and a few others because of your devotion to hold the point. I may be a bit demanding sometimes, but everything I say has a reason behind it. We "Huncker'd down" on those points and by golly we held them against all odds!

    No sundy, no spawn beacon, NO PROBLEM!

    Great day yesterday!
  20. Rycon

    Still on every wednesday. Even though there are not many on anymore we still have a crap load of fun all the time!

    Come with beer in hand!