[TR] ZCompany [ZC] - A Crazy Fun Tactical Outfit

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Rycon, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. ComradeJoecool

    Hey Rycon, Looks like we need a counter bounty!
  2. Rycon

    NICE!!! Bounty ME!! Muhahaha
  3. Rycon

    I say we hunt down TENC :)
  4. Firmware

    Do I get the reward if I'm in his outfit?

    I'd totally waste his *** for a few SC.
  5. Rycon

    Will stream tonight
  6. Rycon

    Keep those apps coming in. Nice fighting against TENC last night!! A few of your members got me
  7. Rycon


    May 1 was ZC vs ZC day on Test Server!
  8. Rycon

    Ops going on right now
  9. Rycon

    GU08 is a nice change!! Bout time we got a warpgate rotation
  10. Rycon

    Sunday afternoon HEYO!!
  11. Rycon

    Join us Tue night for ops
  12. GamerGawd

    hit us up!
    we have chicks and beer on ops nite
  13. Wardark

  14. Rycon

    Join us for ops Tuesday 7-10 cst
  15. Rycon

    Ops night tonight. Find ZC listed in the squad page
  16. ComradeJoecool

    Ops was pretty fun tonight. GG everyone. See you tomorrow for Wednesday night ops! www.zcompany.us
  17. Rycon

    Tonight will be even better!!
  18. Rycon

    Moved to new site
  19. Jaamaw

    These guys are all about a good time, definitely recommended for those seeking fun.
  20. Rycon

    Thanks big dog!!!!