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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Rycon, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Rycon

    People come... People go. ZC is here to stay!
  2. Rycon

    TR on Mattherson are actually fun. Ignore the threads
  3. Rycon

    Pray for the families in Boston. Screw the idiot / idiots that did this!!
  4. Rycon

    Join ZC for ops tonight.
  5. Rycon

    Good run with those who went with us last night. Great OPS night. Check us out tonight as well.
  6. Rycon

    site is down for maint
  7. Ryukage06

    ah. NOW i think to look here. So whats up with the teamspeak? cant seem to connect to the server...
    will it be back up for ops?

    *edit: team speak is working again. weird....
  8. Rycon

    It is probably back down again. Our HOST is having issues. Even the host site is down.

  9. Rycon

    Ops tonight 7-10 CST. Site and TS are up and running. Database issue caused the outage.
  10. Rycon

    Great ops night tonight. Nice to see some new faces that have been running with us. Game on playa's Game on!!
  11. Rycon

  12. Rycon

    Forgot to watch the forums this weekend
  13. Rycon

    Monday's!!!! Thank god OPS is on Tuesday
  14. Rycon

    Join our ops tonight at 7pm CST
  15. Rycon

    ops going on right now. Find ZC in the squad list
  16. Rycon

    bottom is a no go!
  17. Rycon

    Happy Friday!!! ZC are still here!!
  18. Rycon

    Get er dun!
  19. ComradeJoecool

    Join ZC or die by our hands!
  20. Joshinya42

    Hello there,

    A Bounty has been issued in [TENC] for Rycon

    Hope to see you on the battlefield!