[TR] ZCompany [ZC] - A Crazy Fun Tactical Outfit

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Rycon, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. GamerGawd

    Im liking gu6!

    More even field, wouldnt you say NC?
  2. Rycon

    Can I speak for NC?
  3. Rycon

    Join us tonight for OPS. 7pm CST look for the ZCompany tag in the squad page
  4. Rycon

    " Like, I can't get out of the Sunderer for two seconds to answer the call of nature and there's some limp-wristed alien-fluffer there holding up his toy raygun, trying to shoot me while yodeling "I'm FABULOUS!!!". I barely have time to zip up and finish a second beer before I have to draw my Haymaker and put a 12-gauge end to his prancing nonsense."

  5. Rycon

    We need more TR
  6. Rycon

    Friday night whoopins!!
  7. Rycon

    Join the TR
  8. Rycon

    Join us tonight for some Action
  9. Rycon

    Join the Red. Stick with TR!
  10. Rycon

    Once TR always TR.
  11. Rycon

    Move to TR, stop making NC toons!
  12. Rycon

    Sweet! Test server released.
  13. Rycon

    Join us tonight for OPS
  14. Rycon

    ZC ops starts in 2 hours!! Join up with us to have some fun
  15. Rycon

    Awesome ops night last night. Tonight we do it again!
  16. Rycon

    Need MORE TR!!! Let's do it!!
  17. Rycon

    Join us for ops tonight. Look for the ZCompany tag in the squad page.
  18. Rycon

    Sure folks are getting irritated with SOE... We are not! Come join the fun!!
  19. Rycon

    Ops start tonight at 7pm CST. Look for the ZC info in the squad page.
  20. Rycon

    Some good times last night. TR still needs people. Join the ZC