[TR] ZCompany [ZC] - A Crazy Fun Tactical Outfit

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Rycon, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Rycon

    Server: Mattherson
    Faction: Terran Republic
    Focus: To have extreme fun. Play how you want, as you want. Just stick with the outfit during operations.
    TeamSpeak 3: teamspeak.zcompany.us
    Social Links:Twitter, Streams
    Requirements: 18+ required. No Kiddies. We are not in school, and we all have jobs!
    Stream Page: Live Stream Page
    Recruitment: OPEN
    OPS Nights: Currently Wed - "7pm CST - 10pm CST or until you pass out"
    About Us

    Z Company is an 18+ outfit for Planetside 2 with some Vet's from Planetside 1. Most of us come from a long line of MMORPG's and FPS games. As an outfit we like to jump in TeamSpeak and just have fun. After all, this is a GAME and not LIFE.

    We are not limited to just Planetside 2. We also play some Battlefield 4, Path of Exile, and Firefall at the moment

    Kill stuff...Have fun....Blow dudes up! This is our statement!!

    One of the most important things is feeling like you’re a member of the outfit. We do not plan on getting so large that you’re just some dude. We want your skills to matter, and want you to feel like you’re in game contributions count!! We strive to make this happen!!

    We are not a Military Regiment where we tell you what to do. All we ask is that you are flexible and able to switch based on situation needs. As long as you stay with the groups is all we ask.

    No Couch Generals in this outfit!!

    So click here to Apply to the Outfit, and join in on the fun that is Z Company!

    Jump in our forums and just look around. This will tell you what kind of outfit we are!

    Recruitment Video:
    Beware of the NORRICK!!
    GamePocalypse Commercial:
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  2. Rycon

    This outfit is all about fun. None of this hardcore crap that a game DOES NOT NEED.
  3. Valdin

    I came to bump our thread to the top of the page!!! Wait there is only one page
  4. Krixes

    Heeeellllllooooo new thread!
  5. Rycon

    Interesting that we now have server threads going.
  6. Eziel

    I think this is a good thing :) makes it easier for people to find the server/fraction outfits they want without having to switch :)
  7. Rycon

    Fo Sho' easy to find outfits this way.
  8. FAMarine/V4V

  9. Rycon

  10. Valdin

    Hey we arent that bad!! we only drink on days that end in "Y"! And I rarely lead squads drunk
  11. iGamer1990

    since i was looking for a vs outfit i saw your thread all i gotta say is mmmmm fresh TR MEAT cant wait for ya to feel my VANU wrath lol :cool:

    btw good luck to ya outfit :D
  12. FAMarine/V4V

  13. Valdin

    Are we there yet?
  14. Eziel

    I see 3 Vanu running into Bravo, the look like they are the same and walking in sync.....which one should I shoot!? MIDDLE!!!
  15. Krixes

    Helloooooo ZCompany! We are doing fairly well and growing more and more everyday! Come one! Come all! To our circus I mean our outfit! lol
  16. Rycon

    Your a silly one! Your Vanu with a NC avatar? SIlly Vanu don't even know who they are! Purple Tight Wearing Barny the Dino wannabe's
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  17. Griff

    Exophagy, there's a name I remember well from our AoC days. Hello from OSD!

    I must see this Norrick in action. Does he defeat his enemies by lifting up their tanks and hurling them back into their lines? I get the sense that such a tactic can be found somewhere in his battle strategy.
  18. iGamer1990

    as u can i see switch smart one think before you speak before you try and insult over a computer screen i will see you on the battlefield talking that smack over the forums means nothing
  19. Rycon

    Thats me! Good Ol' Rycon leader of Exophagy :) Man! Remember all of those videos with Brian the Necromancer? Those were the good ol' days.
  20. Rycon

    At least change your avatar so you do not look like a Knucklehead. Silly Vanu!
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