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  1. rumblepit

    ever since beta i have had problems with the hit detection on tr weapons. i have reported the issues and i have seen many post and videos of people having the same problems.i also spoke to many other players about this and they are having issues of the same nature.

    dual mercies , since beta will not register 10 to 20% of its shots.since the last patch 30 to 50% of its shots fired fail to register.
    trac 5s only when i hip fire this weapon do i see the hit detection problem. most of the time it will not register 20 to 30% of the shots fired. as of the last patch 50 to 70% of all shots fired from the hip fail to register.
    msw has the same problem, but it only seems to happen when i have a laser equipped.while firing from the hip or asd it fails to register 20 to 30% of its shots. since last patch around 40 to 60% of the shots fail to register.
    been doing some test with other weapons i dont use much and i was having problems with the trv,ts1,tar, and the t5 amc.

    is anyone else having more problems normal with the hit detection since the last patch?
  2. Tungsten

    1. Happens to all classes, all factions, most noticeable on max's [especially within the 10-30 meter range]
    2. Sincerely doubt the latest patch made it worse although something like 2? patches ago they added more Cof to TR carbines

    But then i haven't played TR for a while
  3. exLupo

    Lynx w/ adv laser user reporting. Meaningless K/D up by approx 15% over the past few weeks.

    Feels good to me.
  4. rumblepit

    yea i know about the cof...... my aim is fine, its the hit detection.
  5. Tungsten

    I was talking about hit detection untill i said "2 patches ago" just to clarify because your post suggests you think hit detection problems only happen to TR [no offense]

    Anyways i haven't noticed anything and you asked
  6. rumblepit

    i dont really run into these problem on my vs or nc. i have seen people having problems with the vs maxes, but other than that it seems to be a problem with tr weapons. i dont play my nc or vs all the time , but i was on my nc and my vs for quite a few hours these past few days and had 0 problems with hit detection.