tr weapon bugs need to be adressed

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  1. rumblepit

    where to begin ......

    first shot multiplier/cof on all tr weapons,,,, the problem ....pick up any tr weapon stand 20ms away from a wall and fire 1 shot, do this 3 times ,and if your lucky 1 mite hit where you were aiming. so our cof starts on the first round which is garbage because the 1st bullet should not be effected by cof.
    next recoil multiplier kicks in after the first RANDOM shot so now your correcting for a that shot and second has already missed. by this time cof is getting bigger and bloom is kicking in.soon depending on the weapon the recoil is going cause it to pull to the left or the right. after all is said and done even with a perfect aim your going to miss alot before you kill anyone beyond 20ms, and THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT THAT., NOTHING.............

    high rof tr weapons that shoot blanks.,,,, the problem..... pick up a tr weapon with a fast rof instant action and go to work..... you will soon notice that even though you hit people and you see hit indicators your not doing any damage.
    do i really have to go into whats wrong with this??????seems to happen to me alot with msw, trac,tmac,trv, ts1,mcg,and dual cyc. had problems with the carv s in beta not sure if it was addressed or not hanvt used it since release .

    and on top of that our ns weapons have buggs along with the nc and vs. nade launcher bugs,cant switch back to primary fire mode,cant reload nades, nades dont do damage, ns 11 hit detection problems. i know there are more