[TR] [VS] The Bushido Way is Recruiting! [Looking for Tryhards!]

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by JustDatDude, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. JustDatDude

    Outfit Name:Bushido Way [BWAY] TR [BWAE] VS Server: Emerald Faction: TR/VS Specialization: Point Hold Squad Play Discord: https://discord.gg/HKDwgfv Contacts: @DaShades In-game Contacts: DaShades (TR), Beeone (TR), Umbermoon (TR), DefensiveShades (VS), (BeeJuan) (VS) Description: We have been playing since 2014 and specialize in fast-pace point-holding gameplay. We drop on bases to quell zergs and cap points generally against 2-1 odds or 3-1 odds against platoons. If you're interested in this type of play. Please keep in mind due to our current outfit skill level that you will BE WIPED OFF POINT more often then not. Hence why continuous self improvement and the will to improve is necessary to be in BWAY. Squad Size: 1 squad 6-12 mans. Our ops times are Fridays and Sundays 7:30pm - 10:00pm EST every single week. Other players from other outfits are free to join our ops but please keep in mind of our disciplined comm chatter. We're trying to hear where mans are coming from so be respectful when we're trying to cap bases.

    The following are required to join -BR 30 -Spawn Beacon + Mic Communication -Will to improve constantly -All applicants will be put on a get gud self improvement plan to reach 2KDR,600 IVI, and 1KPM minimal. However that does not mean you stop there. The goal is to constantly improve and the veterans will spend their energy, time, and give you as many resources as possible to actually get there. This outfit is for players with a serious mindset on improving and having fun while doing so. P.S if you're under level 30 but have that will to really improve yourself as a player. We will take you.
  2. Corporate Thug

    Interesting, would like to join one of your squads to see if i enjoy it. I mostly play solo, but no emphasis on improving to be honest. I don't mind practicing but I only play intoxicated but can "try". Will try to friend one of you ingame and join in on an op night.

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