[TR-VS-NC] Assassination on Amerish, Friday, 7pm - 9pm PST

Discussion in 'Helios (US West)' started by SgtCharlesZim, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. SgtCharlesZim

    We're back again! And we've got an all new mission! We've done continent battles. We've done king of the hill. We now introduce: Assassinations!

    How it works: Each faction will choose 1 VIP. That VIP is not allowed to enter the warpgate for the entire op. Every time one faction manages to kill an enemy VIP they score 1 point. Every time a VIP kills an enemy VIP, their faction scores 15 points. If a VIP suicides, both enemy factions will receive 1 point.

    For this operation, the TR VIP will be chosen by EXE. The VS VIP will be chosen by VAST. And the NC VIP will be chosen by 82IN. This will certainly test each faction's ability to communicate and work together. Best of luck to everyone participating!

    PS - Apologies to other events planned at this time. We've been running our ops at this time for a while and people have started to get used to it. No offense is intended.

    EDIT: This should be "Assassination on Esamir"
    EDIT 2: VIP suicides will give each enemy faction 1 point

    Outfits signed up:

    EXE - Confirmed

    VAST - Confirmed
    JENK - Confirmed
    YBOK - Confirmed

    82IN - Confirmed
    ADK - Confirmed
    COLG - Confirmed
    TWM - Confirmed

    EXE - Leading the Way
  2. NytDragon

    YES! This is going to be intense fun!

    Apparently, [PINK] is being features on SOE's FNO this Friday, which they were planning on Esamir as well. So, it appears that we may get this on the SOE live stream, from the VS perspective!
  3. Blarg20011

    That is pretty cool!

    **EDIT: Saw that we won't be on at the same time, oh well.
  4. MrG4F

    We won't be on at the same time, but we'll make sure to let everyone in the stream know about it. We are also planning a race at the end of our time on FNO, so if we can merge that into the Assassination event, that would be great.

    Do we know who the VIPs will be?
  5. NytDragon

    They'll be selected at the start of the Op.... on or before 7pm Friday, just to ensure the VIP is online and available for 2 hours. They'll be announced in /leader channel.
  6. TehGrimZa

    This is going to be fun.
  7. Cupbearer

    ADK will be there.
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  8. drNovikov

    Hint: don't rez your VIP!
  9. NytDragon

    ...and have your faction disqualified. We're doing this for fun and we trust that the outfits selecting the VIPs will keep it honest and fun.
  10. Excellentz

    This type of stuff IS the meta game folks. Good work organizing this 1 ZIM! Should be fun. ADK will participate and defend the VIP at all costs!

    We also should have the VIPS stream if possible. Should we have a rule that they are on front lines at all times or some sort of rule? We know 82in's will be in the midst of it haha but can we have an understanding of that the VIP will be in combat or at least not too far back into enemy territory camping out?
  11. Excellentz

    Honestly, I think it would be super cool if the VIPs were streaming as well. I mean, you can do a time-delay stream so that people don't know exactly where you are but the video footage could be awesome as well.
  12. SgtCharlesZim

    We may do a stream, but I think the delay would have to be 5-10 minutes. Anything less would give the enemy some very valuable intel.
  13. Excellentz

    Yeah I believe it should be for sure 10 minutes if not longer. It is mainly just the record of it (you can see where the VIP was as you were searching high and low) and then it is also a nice way to relive the event. I'll be streaming that night for sure
  14. Excellentz

    The score *winner* should be determined after somebody views the videos from the VIPs. That would be a way to REALLY determine the winner, if we want to take it to those lengths of competition
  15. NytDragon

    Or we can just use the player stats for each VIP and tally up the deaths by faction... with bonus for deaths by VIPs.
  16. JarJar2

    As far as I know we are planning to be on Esamir for FNO. Which runs, of course, at 5PM - 7PM PST so that's earlier than your event. If everyone's going to be on at that time, come and let us scrimmage. I will ask the rest of PINK about your 7PM-9PM event.

    Expect JENK SQUAD ALPHA to make a debut appearance :)
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  18. Guderian

    COLG will be there. This is GeorgeWBushTRON.
  19. VanuWarrior123

    YBOK will be making an appearance
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  20. Riekopo

    The War Ministry will be there! We put the banner on our website and I kitted out a Sunderer just for it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=133161186

    Can the three VIP Twitch streams be posted? I also see a potential problem of VIPs just finding a hole and hiding in it. Maybe VIPs should be forced to be visible or in a Sunderer or at a certain location?

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