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  1. Exposition

    Hello Im Exposition, Leader of URAX. I am a Infantry squad leader and team leader capable of coordinating with anyone who is familiar with fast paced Cqb and the tasks needed for Swift Continental Conquest. My squads are always open to individuals able to quickly respond to the squad leader or in place of the SL. Redeployment is a huge factor in coopgame play. In my 3 years of PS2 I have met many players better than myself at neutralizing the enemy.
    I appreciate the strengths of my comrades and our united efforts.


    Everything related to infantry including AA and AV.
    Responding to the threat in the most adequate way.
    Only accepting applications from active players experienced in small team tactics.
    We know what war machines are made of..

    Basic Training Training.doc?dl=0
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  2. ICaptainSnowI

    Hey! I want to join your outfit. How do I join?
  3. Sjtcrow

    greetings! I'm crow.pilot, and heavy infantry. i'm interested to join and ready to follow my orders.just tell me where to shoot.I'm on playstation 4 and waiting a reply.

    psn: Crow_QC_airsoft
    ingame name:Sjtcrow
  4. Exposition

    We are doing new things this year. Again
    No mics required casual squad follow way points. The Brass does organic TeamPlay.
    No Experience required, just the willingness cooperate.
    Operations are done daily just let Exposition or SoftwareNoGood on PSN know you are ready.

    We play every day, every night all the time